Reborn Dolls on Anderson Cooper

If you thought watching Dr. Phil talking about reborn dolls was bad, it looks like Anderson Cooper gave it a shot on his talk show. He starts off by talking about the basics of reborn dolls including what they are, how much they're worth, how they're made, etc. If you've never heard of reborns before, this video will probably give you a good idea on what the hobby is all about.

After the short little intro, Anderson Cooper introduces two reborn doll artists Becky and Maryland onto the stage. If you watched the previous Dr. Phil segment on reborn dolls (linked above), you might recall how Becky was took the stage in that show as well. She tells Anderson Cooper how her son got her started with a YouTube channel, at which point her popularity slowly began to spiral out of control. As of the beginning of 2013, Becky (AKA YouTube user rebornprincess 53) has over 776,000 views on her YouTube channel. Now that's pretty impressive!

Later into the Anderson Cooper video, we get to see one artist, Ynn Katsaris, with several hundred reborns in her collection. According to the report, she's made over 1,300 dolls in her lifetime with an average of one per day. Although this was the first time I've heard of her, she's really made some pretty impressive reborns. Just keep an eye for her and her reborns in the video. She even made one doll that was modeled after her son, who was also on stage during the show.


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