How To Do Reborn Doll Hair Rooting

Unless you plan on having a bald reborn doll, you'll need to root in hair on their scalp. This will allow your doll to look as realistic as possible with a full head of life-like hair. Of course if you fail to properly root the hair, or if you don't use enough, your doll simply won't look right. Thankfully, hair rooting isn't difficult, but it is time-consuming and requires a steady hand; here's how you do it:

Felting Needle For Reborn Hair

Felting Needle For Reborn Hair

Choose Your Hair

First and foremost, you'll have to decide what type of hair you want to use on your reborn doll. Most artists, myself included, prefer the look of mohair for reborn dolls, as it looks almost identical to actual baby hair. Unlike real hair, it's durable and able to withstand tension and force if placed upon it. So just how much mohair do you need for rooting into a reborn doll? It really all depends on the thickness you desire. Some people prefer their dolls to have thinned out hair, while others want a fuller, more complete head of hair. This a personal decision that only you can make. With that said, you shouldn't need more than a couple locks of mohair no matter how thin or thick you want it.

In addition to choosing a type of hair, you also need to think about what color of hair you want on your reborn doll. Don't make this decision lightly, as it's not easy to replace their hair later down the road. Once you've rooted hair into your doll, it's generally there to stay. You might be able to pull it out and replace it with a different type of hair, but not without a great deal of work. One little tip I'll give to help you choose a hair color is to think about what color their eyes are and choose a similar color or shade to match. There's just something naturally attractive when a reborn has the same color eyes and hair.

What You'll Need For Reborn Doll Hair Rooting

Once you've acquired mohair for your reborn doll, you'll need to pick up a felting needle to create the holes. These can be purchased from most craft stores for around $10 bucks, or you can purchase them through Amazon or eBay for a little less. It's important to only use felting needles and not other types of needles because of their size. Felting needles are small and designed to create small holes without tearing into the material, which is necessary when rooting the hair in a reborn doll.

Something else that you may want to purchase before rooting your reborn doll's hair is a hair dryer. Now, you're probably wondering why in the world a hair dryer is needed for hair rooting. Well, the reason why some artists use them is to heat up the area of the vinyl before punching holes into it. Although it's not completely necessary, heating the vinyl up will allow the needle to go through much easier.

Reborn Hair Dryer

Reborn Hair Dryer

Steps To Hair Rooting

If you followed through all of the previous steps listed on our how to reborn a doll page, then you should have already removed the hair lines on your vinyl doll. If you haven't completed this step, you'll need to rub either some "Goof Off" or nail polish remover over the scalp of your reborn doll until the lines are no longer noticeable.

Now, you'll need holes to root the hair down into your reborn's scalp. Some dolls already have holes for hair, but most traditional vinyl dolls don't. If your doll doesn't have holes in their scalp, use the hair dryer to heat up their scalp, and then gently start pressing dozens of small holes wherever you want hair to be. Try to keep the holes spread evenly throughout so their hair will look even. Also, be extra cautious of poking holes into one another, as this can really mess up your doll. Continue pressing through until you feel like you have enough to create a solid head of hair for your reborn.

After you've created the holes on your reborn doll's scalp, you can start adding the hair. To do this, place the hair over the holes and gently press the strands in using the felting needle (size 38-40 gauge). Depending on how long the hair strands are, you may need to trim them down to your desired length. Keep doing this until you've filled all the holes with hair. Now take a step back and look at your reborn doll to see if they need any more hair. If they do, take the needle back out, poke more holes and add more hair. Chances are you won't get their hair right on the first try, so don't worry if you have to add more.

Once you're through rooting the hair in, you can position and style it however you want. Now, it's time to move on to the next steps.

3 Responses to “How To Do Reborn Doll Hair Rooting”

  1. aya says:

    hi i was wondering if you can help me with how much mohair is needed for a head that is not to thick. i want the hair to be like a newborn, so not to much. Do you think a 1/4 of an oz is good? thank you 🙂

    • Karen Long says:

      Hey Aya,

      The amount of mohair necessary for a reborn really depends on how thick and concentrated you want it. I’ll use up to a whole ounce or more of mohair on a single doll to achieve a real “thick” head of hair. For thinner hair, however, somewhere around 1/2 ounce usually works out pretty good. I always recommend purchasing a bit more mohair than you plan on using just in case you run out. Hope that helps!

    • amy wilson says:

      Hi it depends on how thick or sparse you want the hair and also the size of the Reborns Head For example i have a guide below : Preemie Reborn from 14-17 Inches long You will need to buy 1/4 oz and that will leave you with plenty . For a newborn size 18-22 inches id say 1/2 oz and an ounce for toddlers ,A tip to avoid wastage is to root from the cut end and only use a a small lock of 5mm by 2-3 inches in length. Hope this helps

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