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Choosing The Right Glue Type For a Reborn Doll

Whether you plan to create a reborn doll from scratch or use one of the many kits available (recommended for first-time doll artists), you’ll need glue to finish the job. Doll artists use it to secure magnets, seal rooted mohair, close nostrils, secure accessories, etc. When used correctly, glue will successfully perform all of these tasks and […]

How To Create “Care Instructions” For a Reborn Doll

Including a basic list of instructions with your reborn dolls will inform owners on how to properly care for it. Reborning a doll is a rigorous process that transforms a durable toy doll into a more fragile work of art. Once the process it completed, the reborn doll is more susceptible to damage, which is […]

Top 7 Mistakes Made When Running a Reborn Doll Business

Running a successful and profitable reborn doll business isn’t an easy task by any means. Far too many people are attracted to the business because of the high price tag attached to some of the most notable reborn dolls. What they don’t realize, however, is that it takes dedication, persistence and countless hours of hard […]

Creating and Setting Up a Work Area For Your Reborning Hobby

All serious doll artists need a work area dedicated to their reborning hobby. This will make the hobby ten times easier since all of your supplies and products will be neatly organized and in arm’s reach. Of course, some newcomers to the hobby may simply brush off the need for a dedicated work station by […]

Donating Your Reborn Dolls For a Good Cause

Have you thought about donating some of your reborn dolls to help others? Once you have some experience with reborning under your belt, chances are you’ll find yourself in possession of more reborn dolls than you know what to do with. Instead of letting them sit in your reborn nursery room, you can give them […]

Packaging and Shipping Your Reborn Dolls

As a reborn artist, one of the hurdles you must face is packaging and shipping your dolls off to the respective buyer. Once you’ve made your first sale and received payment for it, you’ll then need to package and mail it off in a timely manner; otherwise, you probably won’t get many repeat customers. In […]

The Potential Dangers of Toxic Vinyl Fumes When Reborning a Doll

There’s a hidden danger to the reborn doll-making hobby that many people are completely unaware of – toxic vinyl fumes. While no one has died from breathing in the fumes created by heating their dolls, there are reports of some artists having their livers adversely affected by it. In any case, the health of you […]

Reborn Doll Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!

Simple and Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Reborn Website

In the past, we’ve talked about how any doll artist can launch their very own reborn doll website in just a few easy steps. It doesn’t take years of college training, a super-powered PC, or lots of money. As long as you have an internet-connected computer and the desire to have your business online, you […]

Creating a Storefront Website For Your Reborning Business

Collecting reborn dolls is considered a niche hobby in the sense that it’s still relatively new and not a lot of people even know about it. Going back to the history of reborn dolls, the hobby really didn’t start gaining any real momentum until artists began selling their works online. This opened up a whole […]