Am I Ready To Adopt My First Reborn Doll?

Adopting a reborn doll is a big decision that shouldn't be made lightly or without plenty of consideration. Newcomers to this increasingly popular hobby might assume that reborn dolls are no different than toy dolls. Having this type of mentality will likely end up your reborn doll being damaged or even worse -- destroyed. To prevent such a disaster from happening to your first reborn doll, you should ask yourself if you are truly ready to adopt one.

Reborn Doll Adoption

Reborn Doll Adoption

Collecting reborn dolls is a fun and rewarding hobby that gives you the opportunity to own some truly unique works of art that will make your friends jealous. Since the hobby is still relatively new (originated in the 90s), there are still lots of people who've never seen or even heard of reborn dolls. Starting a collection will give you the personal satisfaction knowing that you are participating in a new yet highly popular hobby that's expanding throughout the world.

Reborn Dolls Are Not Toys...

Since they have "dolls" in their name, some people automatically assume that reborn dolls are toys. And as such, they toss their dolls around without giving them the attention and care they need. Treating your reborn doll like a typical toy doll will only increase the chance of it becoming damaged or even ruined, which can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The golden rule of this hobby is to treat your reborn doll like an actual baby and not a toy. If you aren't willing to invest your time and energy into caring for a reborn, then you should hold off on adopting one. There's nothing wrong with toy baby dolls, but you have to remember that reborn dolls aren't toys. Okay, now that I've stressed the importance of that issue, let's move on.

Funny Baby

Funny Baby

Creating a Safe Home For Your Reborn

If you decide to adopt a reborn doll, you'll need to ensure your home is suitable for it. There are dozens of everyday items inside the typical home that could damage or harm a reborn. Before adopting one, you must thoroughly check your home and ask yourself if it's safe. Only then can you rest assured knowing your reborn is in a safe environment.

One of the most common household dangers for a reborn doll are pets. Dogs, cats and even curious ferrets may claw and scratch your reborn, damaging both the paint and the vinyl. Depending on the severity of the scratch, damage such as this can be nearly impossible to fix. So, does this mean you should avoid adopting a reborn doll if you have pets? Absolutely not, but you need to store your reborn doll in an area away from your pets. Other possible household dangers for reborn dolls include excessive humidity, spilled drinks, cleaning chemicals and excessive exposure to sunlight.

Adopting a Reborn For a Child

Reborn dolls are children typically don't mix well. If you plan to adopt a reborn for a small child, you should know that it will likely get damaged. Children naturally treat them like typical toys. They'll pull on their limbs, bend them in all sorts of unnatural directions, and brush their hair using the wrong accessories.Β  Unfortunately, treating a reborn like a toy will oftentimes end up with it being damaged.

Instead of adopting a reborn for your child, perhaps you can opt for a traditional toy doll instead. If you are adamant on adopting a reborn for a child, teach and show them how to properly handle it. A good rule of thumb is to treat your reborn like an actual baby and not a toy doll. Doing this will allow you to get more use and enjoyment out of your new hobby. You can learn more about caring for reborn dolls here.




Some newcomersΒ  to the hobby are surprised to learn just the price of quality reborn dolls. Of course, you can purchase cheap models for around $100 bucks, but I really wouldn't even call these reborns. In order to create a true, lifelike reborn doll, a skilled artist will spend 30-40 hours meticulously stripping an old vinyl doll and giving it a fresh new look. The materials alone cost around $100, but then you must account for all of the time and hard work that goes into crafting it. This is why high-end reborn dolls cost several hundred dollars.

If you are going to adopt a reborn doll, be prepared to drop at least a couple hundred dollars. In addition to buying a doll, you'll also want to buy some clothes, a crib and other accessories. The good news is that reborn dolls hold their value exceptionally well. With the hobby continuing to grow at a rapidly alarming rate, collectors are always eager to purchase unwanted reborns. Check out our selling tips for advice on how to sell your reborns.

The Bottom Line on Adoptions

The fact is that reborn dolls aren't for everyone. The stunningly realistic works of art are no longer toy dolls, so they must be treated differently. Tossing them around like a normal toy doll will likely result in damage to a delicate reborn. If you want a toy doll, then you should pass on adopting a reborn. If you want a collectible work of art, however, then a reborn is right for you.

With that said, adopting a reborn can be a life-changing experience that exposes you a highly rewarding hobby. There's a certain personal connection collectors develop with their reborns that's simply not found in other hobbies. And it's this strong connection that makes the hobby of adopting and collecting reborn dolls well worth it in the end.

177 Responses to “Am I Ready To Adopt My First Reborn Doll?”

  1. Erika S Breece says:

    I would like a little baby girl white with red blond hair and blue eyes

  2. danielle g says:

    my daughter has grown up and out of the house, i am not able to have more. when i saw these reborn babies i became inlove again. i been looking into the drake collection and hoping to be able get one.

  3. Wyshundria says:

    Hi my name is wyshundria and i am 14. And i have wanted one since i was 11 but now i am older. And i will take care of it better..😍😍😍😊😊

  4. Bailey says:

    I want one SO MUCH! But I can’t afford one πŸ™ Unless it is cheap if anyone knows of a cheap reborn doll for sale plz tell me!

  5. Tasha Jackson says:

    Hi 10yrs ago i lost my baby boy. For a while i wouldn’t keep a small baby cause it hurt so bad. Then in time i wanted another baby but i had a tubes tied and have no money to get them reversed. I would love to adopt a reborn baby to my family..

    • April Martin says:

      I’m in the same situation I have no kids and I’m trying to adopt I reborn silicone baby but it is hard I have lost every pregnancy I’ve had to stillborns and the rest of miscarriage I’ve lost all my children

  6. Jaesha says:

    I want a mixed or black baby boy or girl

  7. Daffaney says:

    I want one soo bad

  8. Anonymous :-) says:

    I have an Ashton Drake doll Little Peanut whose name is Brooklyn Paige. I 100% love her to bits, however, now I’m currently trying to find a Twin A or a Saskia by Bonnie Brown for a reasonable price. (Oh, and I also have a berenguer la newborn doll named Brianna Grace).

  9. Anonymous :-) says:

    When I was 6 or 7, I found out about Ashton Drake dolls. When I first saw them, my initial reaction was how incredibly realistic they were. (Reminder, I was SIX or SEVEN). I knew right away that I wanted the Ashton Drake Hold That Pose Madison doll, however I never ended up getting her. After a couple of months, the entire matter was dropped, and forgot all about these dolls. Then, shortly after I had turned 10 years old, I rediscovered Ashton Drake dolls. And with them – reborns. I instantly fell in love with them, and I knew that I wanted one. And so, I did research and watched reborn video’s on YouTube for over a year planning out what particular reborn I wanted, and what accessories I would like for the doll. Eventually, I developed a random phase that lasted around 3 or 4 month’s where I didn’t like reborns as much and I thought that they were somewhat creepy. During this phase, I became enormously interested in Baby Alive Dolls (which I still am now), and reborns were no longer wanted in my life. Finally, for the final time so far, I became re-interested in reborns and I wanted one again. I asked for them for two birthdays and two Christmases, specifically the Ashton Drake Little Peanut doll. (And YES, I am fully aware that Ashton Drake dolls aren’t real, artisan made reborns, but still). On Christmas 2016, when I was 12, I ACTUALLY got Little Peanut, who I named Brooklyn Paige. I also have a Berenguer La Newborn doll named Brianna Grace. Currently I am almost 13, and I absolutely love Reborns, Baby Alives, American Girls, and Barbies alike. I think that I’m going to remain a doll lover and collector all my life!! And for this Christmas I hope to get a REAL reborn baby doll!! πŸ™‚

    • Niah'smom says:

      Thank you for your input. My daughter (7) has been asking for a reborn, so of course I am researching this new world and am now aware that there are la newborns, reborns, Ashton Drakes and more. Since she is only 7 my thought is to go with a La Newborn Berengeur to start her off but I love the Ashton Drakes. She is much like you In that she owns American girls itty bitty’s, OG’s, baby Alives, barbies, and really any type of baby doll. I really want to get her the Ashton Drake. Woul that be too over the top for her? We are planning on teaching her how to take care of the doll.

    • Nobody says:

      From what you have said I think I am the same age as you I have wanted a silicone baby for four years now and my mum thinks I need to go to a physiatrist if I want a doll at 12 years of age.
      I really want to get a baby clon baby.
      I really love babies and want to work with babies when I have career (midwife pedeatrition) my mother and father insist I will NEVER own a silicone baby (or reborn)
      I don’t really like American girl dolls or anything like that I just prefers babies I have always loved to nurture and care.
      I really think I deserve one but my mother thinks differently
      I do good in school and have exceptional manners
      I am the youngest in my family so have never had the chance to look after a baby properly (not including cousins)
      I really think I should get s silicone baby (I don’t see the point of getting a reborn when you can get more realistic looking silicone babies)
      I would really love to hear back from you and get your opinion on the matter thanks for reading

  10. Theresa koutsoukos says:

    I’m looking to adopt 2 baby’s a boy and a girl. I do not want twins.

  11. Angel Bates says:

    I would love to adopt a baby. I want to have twins a boy and a girl. I hope that I can get one soon. Do they come with everything clothes bottles diapers and a car seat diaper bag? Please let me know. Thank you and God bless you. You have a great and bless day.

    • Haileybear says:

      Hey it normally does not come with a car seat but it normally comes with clothes diapers bottel and sometimes a diaper bag but some things you still have to buy.

    • Kaitlyn says:

      There are many twins that come with clothes on EBay

  12. Bricajaha says:

    Hi my name is bricajaha and I am love with reborn I will love to get on

  13. Shania goldsmith says:

    I need one I love babies anyhow and I have seen the box opening videos and the stories that are out

  14. Barbara Lindsay says:

    How do I get a baby I really want one a full body silicone life like girl with a lot of curly hair biracial

    • Random says:

      You may want to consider getting a custom reborn. Many sites offer a sheet for you to fill out, depending on the exact type of baby you want. Although these are more expensive, it gives you a choice of the one you want

    • Mari mari says:

      Barbara all you have to do is go to babyclon. Look for the one you want and customize your silicone

  15. Al'Lia dabbs says:

    I want one I’ve been wanting one for years but can’t afford one

    • Kambria says:

      Hey I’m a little girl my name’s kambria Holloway and I am 12 years old been waiting for 2 years watching all for reborn channel on YouTube even have my on channel for if I ever get one but money can be so tight I been stuck on reborn for ever I hope you guys can help me out thanks so much ,😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘 kinda hoping for a cute and black Reborn with rooted hair thanks again

      • Takia Phillips says:

        Iv’e been in the same situation and I have a ship that comes soon.i hope you get one.catch you later.
        πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    • haley says:

      i really really really really want one but i can’t affored it

    • Debra Lynn says:

      I wasn’t aware of these realistic baby dolls until very recently. I first discovered these dolls a few months ago on Youtube. The videos of some of the high end silicone Reborns are adorable, but not affordable for me. I can understand why they’re so expensive but maybe just a bit too expensive. Anyway, I would settle for a less expensive one without all the bells and whistles, but I will only choose a doll that has full arms and full legs because there are more options to dressing them. Besides, I like the look of chubby little baby legs. When searching for a baby doll that looks as lifelike as possible and you’re on a budget, it can be difficult to find one that is really cute and lifelike. When searching online, there were many I didn’t like. I don’t care much for the 3/4 or 1/4 arms and legs. Also, I like a weighted baby that weighs close to a real baby. I can pay at least up to 300 – 350 dollars so maybe I’ll get lucky and find something to my liking. If not, well I also know that we can’t always have what we want. If I were a Reborn artist, I would want to be paid what I’m worth.

      • Dan says:

        I would take a look at etsy. That;s where I think I’m going to buy my first one from.

      • Sherry White says:

        Would like to have a reborn baby cant have kids would take good care of it

        • Raewyn says:

          I know just what you mean,I am 43 & too old to have a baby now,haven’t met Mr Right yet,haven’t got the support to just have one either so I have a lovely reborn doll, newborn, my friend makes them. They are so realistic but quite expensive, like about $625 etc, but they are on of the best ever made & he smells like baby powder too even though I have had him 5 mths.
          I love him to bits & so does my old mother

  16. juanita bourne says:

    Is there a real life like reborn the breaths and koos and cries. Like a real newborn baby?

  17. alexis says:

    hi I’m looking to buy a reborn doll. I’m a college student so i don’t have time for an actual baby so i think this is a better option if anyone has any suggestions please email and title it reborn dolls so ill actually open thank you!

  18. Danielle wright says:

    I have been looking for a cheap reborn baby doll because I don’t have a lot of money and I am 13 years old and I have always wanted one.

  19. Tynae says:

    I always been hoping for a reborn silicone baby but did get one I am hoping you can get me one.

  20. cassandra davis says:

    My son passed away on mothering Sunday 2013 .
    He was dorn on valentines day 2013 i had 27 days with him that I would do all i at again if i could even knowing I would still have to loose him I would do it on repeat just to hold him one last time .

    I think that reborn baby’s are fantastic and I want one so bad because I’m lost and empty with out my baby I think that many women should consider this as an option as I think it’s empty arms that feeds an empty heart


  21. Jakeidra jones says:

    Hi I want one because they show me like what the real world is going to be like.

  22. Tammy says:

    I’ve just bought my autistic 9 year old a reborn doll. She watched no end of you tube video’s on how to care for them etc. She treats him like a real baby. She even has a real pram, bouncy chair, a dolls cot. She also now has loads of little outfits for him. So so cute to watch.

  23. Anyah says:

    I want a black baby with eyes closed.

  24. Barbra says:

    I never got a reborn doll in my life please give it to me please😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣if you doπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • Wolf therian says:

      People don’t just give them out for free. I mean if you want one that bad save up for it. I saved up for THREE YEARS to get my full silicone anatomically correct baby girl Ava. I used to go on all these types of websites and beg and plead for a free reborn. But guess what?……..I didn’t get one for free. Save up your own money and then when you get enough money to buy one you’ll feel a LOT more proud of your doll knowing you bought him or her by yourself. My mom offered to buy me one but I figured it would be better to buy it for myself. Best..decision. EVER!!! I wish you luck on getting your first reborn girls and I’ve no doubt you’ll eventually get one but till you do just collect stuff like baby cloths and baby toys and all that lovely stuff because buying clothing for your baby is half the fun of getting a reborn trust me!!!

    • Nyasiah durham says:

      I’ve lost a kids so it would make me so happy just to see 😳😳😳😳😿😿😿😿

  25. Katie Johnson says:

    I’m ready to adopt one for Christmas

  26. Lexi Love says:

    Hey for anyone who thinks there to old for a reborn is wrong I am 13 and have a reborn but I am also getting twins soon so I am super happy πŸ˜πŸ˜€

  27. Teagan Tawera says:

    Hi my name is Teagan ever since I was 5 I always wanted a real babie but when I was ten I looked on trade me and all the prices were 1,550 or even higher yeah this is for my mum to when I was 15 she passed away and when I was 10 she told me she always wanted another babie and if she had a babie she would have a boy so please can I have a baby boy

  28. Ashley says:

    I really want a newborn because they look fun to play with and and sometimes it’s hard for people to have babies so a newborn is basically just like a baby but it’s fake basically you can do everything with a reborn just like a baby but the reborn will not grow up like so they seem
    really really cool

  29. Camelia says:

    I would love to take the baby for adoption i have a 1 yr old and would sure care for my adopted baby as my own. I love kids am so good and gentle with them. I would love to have one. God bless

  30. Lynette Reynolds says:

    What is the correct age for a child to get a reborn? How do I know which one to get.

  31. Amy Diede says:

    My kids are both preteens and I think these dolls are so cute, but it is only a “doll” and it not living, so cut the crap. These “baby” needs no food, drink, doesn’t pee or poo, doesn’t cry, doesn’t breastfeed, etc. You can leave it at home alone for extended periods….now babysitter required. It makes perfect sense for an older child or empty nester to cuddle and play with. Just saying, some people need to get a real life!

  32. ameera says:

    So I need to ask my mom to get me one off of here

  33. Lacaya Lang says:

    I have always wanted a reborn dolls but I never really knew but now I know I’m ready

  34. Amanda rusell says:

    I am so excited, my husband and I have a son who is 2. But we have lost 2 other babies. After trying and trying we still have no luck, after days of talking about it I’ve decided that I am going to adopt my first reborn doll!!

  35. Cherry says:

    I just got one but she’s tiny 14inches, she’s the sleeping baby rosebud kit by Cindy Musgrove came with lots of beautiful clothes but I find it difficult to bond with her as she is too tiny. Presently I’m thinking of selling her cheap. I’m in the UK, lemme know if anyone is interested in her.

  36. taytay snipes says:

    i would love to have a reborn doll so bad

  37. Sedona says:

    I am interested in adopting a reborn I have always loved them and I know that I can care for one because I have cared for real baby’s before and I treat regular Walmart babies like I would treat a real baby

  38. Abbi says:

    I’m 11 and I have never had a reborn baby in my life can I please have one please watch every video reborn everything or one in this so cute and I really want one

  39. georgie whyte says:

    I love reborn’s I see peoples videos of there reborn and I just think to myself I want one well need one

  40. uleyja says:

    i been looking all over for a silicone doll on every website and i found one and i realy want a silicone doll

  41. Akira says:

    I want one soooooooooooooo bad😎😎😎😎😎😎

  42. Moongirl says:

    If you need a reborn you can get hoot hoot from paradise galleries and make the baby a boy or a girl

  43. Ayana Johnson says:

    My daughter want one so bad as a brother i told her i was going to get one but i cant 😒

  44. Mary Smith says:

    I love reborn but you got to pay for them I wish they didn’t cost money because so people want one but can’t get it with money

  45. Kenzie says:

    I have always wanted a reborn but they are to much money i would love to have one that can open there mouth and drink and one with lots of dark (brown/black). I would like one with there eyes close and have floppy legs like some other reborns I would like a full body one (not a clothe body).I have got everything:pushchair(to take her out for a walk),A car seat(to take her out in the car),A bottle(to drink out of).There is one thing I haven’t got and that is a dummy-pacifier.

  46. Kayla says:

    I am almost 15 and have been asking for one since I was only 10. I have everything I need for a baby but it still is very hard to find one that we can afford and is cute, I have tried entering for a free giveaway but I never have luck, I know everything about a reborn as I have been preparing for 5 years nowπŸ˜• I just wish that someone would give a free giveaway to someone who needed one instead of who wanted one!!! I have an emty place in my heart do to family issues and am naturally caring and nurturing…. Please if someone has an unwanted reborn baby I would luv to talk

  47. Angie says:

    Think some girls are wanting babies to soon!
    I’m looking for my daughter but she will be 13 and we have baby Will twin to Jayden( my 19yr old has so looking for a girl one

  48. jess says:

    I’m 17 and i have a reborn. My baby is like a therapy thing for me it calms me down i want another one but there so expensive.

  49. Smayo says:

    Hi! Before I wanted a reborn but now I don’t! This is because rebornish cost way to much and I can’t afford these expensive dolls! Well, I only say this because my mom is pregnant! For about 3-4 years I’ve wanted a baby brother ( we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl ) for my older brother died as a baby and my younger brother died at 2 years of age and he died in November which was a month a way from his birthday and I mourned them until my mom told me she was pregnant and she is now 8 months and in April she might give birth so I hope that it is a boy!

  50. taniylah says:

    I love Babies very much more than happy for you to give me a baby

  51. Ruby says:

    I really want a reborn doll I have a baby doll that looks like a reborn so I want to get a body plate because it is 2/4 limbs and I want to paint it so I have to get my nanny to root it’s hair and paint it but she is good at it . I can’t wait to get the things online there is a little help if you can’t afford a real reborn hope it helps πŸ™‚

  52. Shenna says:

    I was pregnant but I lost my baby and I will like to adopt a silicone and I wish to have one

  53. eternity says:

    I always want one I fell in love with them since I seen them on YouTube am a huge fan of reborn baby dolls

  54. Nyssa Davidson says:

    I’m ready to adopt a reborn doll cause I was pregnant but lost it and it would be nice to have something to take care of and I want one that is full silicone and is sexually correct and it’s eyes are closed please answer me soon thanks

  55. Robin Clay says:

    I am 42 years old and happily married but there is one thing missing out of me and my husbands life and that’s a baby. When I was 5 years old I was diagnost as a hypopituatiry dwarf and so that right there made life very hard for me. When I turned about 12 things just got more disappointing I found out I would never have a child. It broke my heart I always had a love for small kids and babies. I even volunteered as a T.A. For a kindergarten class. Well just about 6 months ago my body has been going through some changes. I have been having pregnancy hormones kick in and makes me very emotional. One thing I would love is a reborn which would be just like having a new born baby. I want to adopt one but at this time being on disability we can not afford one so if you could find it in your heart to work something out too make me and my husbands dream come true to the real experience it would be greatfuly appreciated thank you,
    Robin Clay

    • Lynn West says:

      Hi Robin, I feel really bad about what you told about your life. There are so many people that are untrustworthy, that it’s hard when you don’t know someone, to say yes, I have 2 reborns I don’t really like to give to you. Do you understand what I mean? Anyway, they each cost about $350. (I only saw small pictures of each) I just can’t bond with them. Candidly, I’ll tell you why. The first is about 5 mo. size has the softest, nicest body but, she has a scowl on her face. She looks mean! The second, is beautifully made, but is the FATTEST baby you’ve ever seen. I don’t know if you would bond with them either. But, I don’t want to give them to you if your just going to sell them or not like them either. I do not know how I got on this website! Contact me at

  56. Angela says:

    I would really love to have a reborn baby ive always wanted to be a mom and cant if money wasnt so tight i would got one sooner they are just the most beautiful thing i have ever seen and want one to call my own.

  57. Ava Nunley says:

    I really want my first reborn but I don’t have the money?

  58. taylor says:

    Hello I have always wanted a baby of my own I am turning 11 but I am to young to have one so I have been asking for 7 or 8 years all of my friends have them and we never had the money to get one of course I would get the crappy ones from Walmart that never look real I have a baby sister so I get all of her cloth I have a crib and a car seat and blankets and it would make my dreams come true to get a reborn doll so if you will consider sending me one I will cherish it forever I will treat with all of the respect a baby needs Thank you.

  59. Bettinam says:

    I would love to have a reborn they our little angels

  60. Kimmerle says:

    Hello im almost 12 and ive dreamed and wished for a reborn for almost 6 years and never had a chance they are beautiful and amazing i never had money but this might give you a wrong idea but im bot rich im a little no much poor but i have a home and a clean one and a crib and lots of cloths for a baby girl!!

    • Charlotte says:

      I’m so glad you have everything ready for a baby
      Is there any way I could persuade my parents into letting me get a reborn

    • Moongirl says:

      Not all reborns are that extensive you can get a Ashton drake reborn and there are YouTube video’s on how to make really cute reborn baby bed and you can get used reborn clothes, blankets, bottles ect. At places like once upon a child or a thrift store
      I’m ten and I’m expecting my first reborn soon her name is pearl.

  61. aiyonna says:

    i am ready to adopt a reborn baby i been watching youtube video everyday I LOVE THE BABY I KNOE HOW TO TAKE CARE OG IT AND BEEN FEEL LONEY FOR SOME DAY CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE A REBON BABY THANK YOU.

  62. Emily says:

    I’m 9 almost 10 in August I will be and I think I might ask my mom or grandma to get me one for my birthday
    I really think they are so cute and I watch juliesreborns channel on YouTube

  63. Sierra says:

    Sorry I had a typos!!!
    I ment to say…………………………..

    I would love to have a reborn doll!

    SORRY guys, didn’t mean to do that!

  64. Sierra says:

    I would like,.LUCK WITH youVE to have a reborn baby doll.I would most likely name her Carolinah.(BTW,don’t care what UP think about the name!!!)She would have Dicey blue eyes,Caramal hair,and a birth mark that looked like a heart.I seriously DO NOT CARE!!! I would even give her supplies, clothes,and a diaper bag!( pink and grey Chevron)Also,I would take good care of her head.I would also give her a stroller and car seat.


  65. Jamie says:

    I want a reborn sooooo bad!Even though im 9 im crazy about reborns!

    • Myuanii says:

      Well I’m 10 and I’m crazy about them too my dad is getting it for me and I’m so excited but I don’t know with one to get and I want a African american one can you give me advice anyone

  66. Anon says:

    I would LOVE to have a reborn doll, they are absolutely gorgeous. I have done so much research and have been begging and pleading for one for over a year and my aunt just got a beautiful one named Merlay and she is perfect. My mom told me to wait until my aunt got tired of hers but you don’t just “get tired of them”

  67. Aaliyah says:

    may you send me a reborn that is drown with black hair and a full body and a mini mouse clothes on when she gets here.

  68. Sammy Louis says:

    Im getting a reborn named Lincoln!

  69. Hi I'm Hailee says:

    Hi I’m reborn pregnant and I’m getting reborn Ashley but I need to know more about her I need to no if her mouth opens if she can drink liquids or what she needs. I’ve looked on a lot of websites but I just can’t find info

    • Hi I'm Hailee says:

      It’s ok Olivia don’t be sad a lot of people are mean but it doesn’t matter what they think it only matters what you think and if u want to know what I think i think even though I don’t know you I think you are nice,kind,and sweet. The point is it doesn’t matter what others think of you

    • Madison says:

      What I like to do with my reborn is seal the bottles and put water and food coloring in it

  70. desi says:

    well i am twelve and i really want a reborn i love little kids and babies i stumbled on reborn s on you tube but sadly my mom thinks they are a waste of money because of how expensive they are so could someone tell me a good place to get cheap reborn s and i am new at this so if i buy the kit and just get it painted how much would it be to get it painted and have hair rooted? please some one answer

  71. Hailee says:

    You should maybe tell your parents how you feel or why you want it explain to them

  72. Brenna says:

    I absolutely adore these dolls, but my parents are in a financial struggle, and I would love to customize a doll, but like I said no money, no doll. I’ve tried Amazon and EBay but they still cost hundreds, anyone know where to purchase these dolls under $80?

  73. makalah coleman says:

    i really really want one I’ve been trying to get one for years and have had no luck

  74. Olivia kith says:

    People are so mean to me sometimes but thing are so U breakable bond

  75. rayana says:

    is adopting free???? i would like to adopt a light-skinned one.

  76. Mina says:

    Hey do you have any reborn baby’s with brown eyes I would like to see a reborn baby girl and a baby boy please

  77. Olivia kith says:

    People love baby reborn dolls because they love babies

    • Mary says:

      Reborn babies are not toys.they are for grown will be very sad to know that women or men who buys them or adopts will not be giving there babies away. try toy store babies there are some cute ones for a lot less.

  78. Olivia kith says:

    I want free baby reborn dolls to take care I to adopted baby reborn dolls

  79. Shyanne Clark says:

    i would love to get a free reborn doll cuz i wana b a mom but i see what its like haveing a baby doll first

  80. daveandstefsmum says:

    I got my 1st reborn yesterday and I must say I am 100% in love with her. Her name is Gina-Marie and she is absolutely beautiful. She cost me a small and affordable Β£80 but is very lifelike. She is everything I ever wanted in a reborn. I am so proud to call myself her mummy.

  81. Anonymous says:

    I am 12 and I’ve want one for ever I treat my regular baby dolls like a real one you should see my room it’s basil lay a nursery and this would be my life but my mom will not let me get and I am in counseling I was phosocially hurt but I don’t think any one cares about me because I have know friends and my parents are divorce iced but they always give my 7 year old brother attention and get him everything they got him $500 dollars worth of a pair o boots that he has but they won’t get me a $300 dollar reborn that I don’t have does any body know what I should do?

    • mackenzie says:

      tell your parents how you feel tell them you feel like you don’t get any attention and that you and your brother are treated unequally

  82. Amber says:

    I’m 13 and I’m getting my doll I’m so exited and I’m getting my ears pierced

  83. Sina says:

    I am hoping to get my first reborn for Christmas. One of my best friends has one and she is adorable. Although my parents think not so fondly of them.

  84. Ashley says:

    Just bought my first reborn doll, a very creepy cute vampire. She’s awesome, and I want to make one of my own!

  85. daniela says:

    I would love to have one of these to take care of.

  86. Emma says:

    OMG… Attacking little girls because they want a doll that actually looks like a baby, instead of a terrifying babyish goblin that the toy stores sell… Really? Get a grip. I just purchased identical ones for my Daughter (2 1/2) and my Niece (8) both were over the moon. I do not regret the $400.00 per doll either. At the end of the day it’s still a DOLL. One that every little girl deserves to have.
    Hope all you little girls that posted get one of your own very soon πŸ™‚

    • faith says:

      the vibe that you just set off says, ‘I’m a rich snob because i can afford two reborns that my children can just destroy, but i’ll buy them new ones so they can destroy those as well.’ did you not read? reborns are nearly as fragile as newborns.

      • ilvereborns says:

        Faith you weren’t reading the person you replyed to correctly she got one for her daughter AND NIECE yes her daughter seems too young for a reborn but her niece should be old enough to know better. Emma reborns aren’t play toy dolls they need to be treated like real babies and I think if they are old enough and they understand that they need to take care of them like a real baby they can have them if they want. Oh and Ashton drakes are good but keep in mind they aren’t real reborns reborns are ooak Ashton drakes aren’t. Go for an actual reborn


      There are some very nice and realistic vinyl dolls that are appropriate for girls. Reborn Dolls are as fragile as a real baby, do you want to buy a real baby for your young relatives?

    • Maliyah says:

      You are very sweet thank you so much, god bless you

  87. bre says:

    I’m getting my first reborn in about a month I’ve been asking my mom nonstop for like a year and she’s finally getting me one cause she says it’s better then me having a real baby

    • Trinity says:

      Well I’ve been begging and begging my mom and she say ok ill go away and ill get u one. that sounds alright ahhhhhh I screamed finally😊

  88. dani says:

    My parents are just like Angela Albaladejo parents but that does not mean I’m going to gave up i will save my money to buy a REBORN BABY they are the baby you could have!

    • Ott says:

      Wow, she is gorgeous! Her face is perfectly done. And she has the same name as me! =D I’m looking forward to what you post for her. Hmm . other dolls Maybe a Japanese girl with pretty long black hair?

  89. angela albaladejo says:

    my parents don’t really agree with me getting a reborn baby because of my age but if they don’t get me one then i will do everything in my power to raise the money to get one because they are just so cute and like i said because of my age i cant and or don’t want a baby or at least a real one so i think this will be really good for me.

  90. jann says:

    Olivia Kith, did you not read and UNDERSTAND what was stated above? NOBODY will GIVE you a reborn baby for free!!!I’ve been watching for awhile, a fair one will run you around 200.00, the higher the price, the better the quality, and more work. Wake up, dreamer! And Destiny Dent, there is no way an 11 year old child should have a reborn.. That’s like ‘Im 11, and pregnant, I’m gonna have a real live baby!’ Be a kid, enjoy your youth.. Adulthood comes way too fast, and is not fun.

    • Trinity says:

      Hi I’m going to be 11 and I am getting a reborn baby boy named Dayton Brantley. I say that if you are age 11 and higher you should be mature enough to have a reborn. A fair deal if you are a first starter on reborns is to look at Ashton Drake Galleries. It will give you an introduction to the world of reborns. A fair deal to give your parents is to ask if for a certain holiday they could spend $50 or $100 and you spend the rest. Or if they don’t really want you to get one, you can save up and show them you should get one. Make sure you really study what you need for reborns!!!!

  91. Olivia kith says:

    I am ready to adopted brand new baby

  92. Olivia kith says:

    I want free baby reborn dolls to take care of.

  93. Evie says:

    I feel “expectant,” at 55. I won my first reborn today on Ebay. It was love at first sight..and I had to have looking up Asian names for girls..I’m thinking..Mei Ling..she looks half Asian and half Caucasian..what a super mix..I guess you can tell I’m an empty nester! Blessings..

  94. Lacey says:

    Hi I am reborn pregnant and I was wondering is there cheap clothes on this website?

  95. Destiny_Dent says:

    My name is destiny dent I’m 11 and I’ve never had my own real reborn niether has anyone in my family I’m reborn pregnant and I’m expecting baby brier rose perlote on January seventh I’m nervouscited and I’m starting to get ready for her arrival but I’m just not sure if ill take as good care of her as far as clothing goes I have all my dolls from when I was a baby with not a scratch cause I take good care of them I’m pretty sure I’m ready

  96. Taylyr says:

    i am 11 I adore reborns and I literally have everything a reborn needs but my parents say no

    • Destiny_Dent says:

      One day you’ll get wht you want your time is just not now I’m sorry

    • Tahnia says:

      Im just a kid and im always on ebay or somthing like that my perants think it would be a waste of time getting one coz im almost 12 so yeah i have $150 could i still get a reborn?

    • Chara says:

      I know this comment is old but it’s new to me Im only 12 and I love baby’s in real life and also I have baby cousins entering my family but they grow up so fast but when they are baby’s I never get to see them really because my aunt and uncle always get them maybe if you sat down with your parents and told them why you really want a reborn they will understand and probably look into getting you one

    • MAKINLY says:


    • Danashia Nashay Lawson says:

      I’m 13 years old I will love to have a reborn dolls I want a girls ❀I will take care of her like if she was my own baby πŸ’―πŸ‘ΆI won’t treat her like a toy I’ll treat her like a baby❀❀Can I plz have one

  97. Kaitlyn Boyette says:

    I am getting my first reborn for Christmas! I have not yet decided on a name for her, though.

  98. caitlin phinix says:

    i have to reborns of my own and they are soooooo sweeet cute and cuddly xxxx

  99. yamir lopez says:

    I will love to have a baby like this in my care because I was pregnant and lost it and I have a durther sorry my spelling is not perfect because I speak Spanish.

    • Clare says:

      I love reborns to so much I’ve waited for a long time to get one but I can’t because I don’t have enough money I try to find cheap ones but I just can’t can someone help me to find a boy or girl that can open its mouth? I have everything for a reborn because I had dolls when I was little. Can someone please answer my question

      • lily says:

        I have always wanted a reborn,
        and I think that i am ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of a reborn baby, i will be a caring mother and i think that my home is perfect for a new little member of our family.

        • Brianne chatman says:

          I think I am ready for a reborn baby because I had a miss carreg. And It hurt me so bad till I found a website about reborn baby’s and said I all try it out please give me oneπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

        • Brooklynn says:

          I think I have a wonderful home for a new baby can I have one I am a caring mom I have one baby girl and I would be more than happy to have another baby.

      • Skylar solt says:

        I feel the same way…I have everything I need for a reborn that I have wanted for like 3 years but I don’t have the money to afford it……plz can someone help me. …I really want one so bad…thanks.😒

    • Tiffany O'Bar says:

      Same here…well sorta I’m trying to adopt a reborn baby for my daughter because she is turning 10 in 2 months.But don’t worry because she is amazing with real babies so u don’t have anything to worry about.And when we have her family over we absolutely will put him in a vary safe place.She wants a baby boy and she is trying to decide on 2 names, Henry Mason or Quinton Jackson,anyway she also wants to have a full body baby so she can have the full experience with a baby so I hope I choose the right one

      • Angel Sandidge says:

        Look on “dolls by sandie”. When you go to the dolls category there will be one that says “Adrie’s Dolls. There are two. One boy and a girl. Full body, and very inexpensive. Im hopefully getting one from there. Hope i helped.

    • watermelondera jones says:

      i will love to have a baby like this in my care because i know how to care for a baby and plus my famliy needs i person to the family

    • Nakiay brown says:

      I see where you are coming from I can’t get pregnant be for I adopt I want to get the feeling of it

    • Lilly says:

      Hi everyone I was looking to adopt a few reborn because I think it will be good to have more of a responsibility even though I have two brothers and a sister it would be great to have a reborn I have always loved baby dolls and twins would be great a boy and girl

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