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How To Create Fake Milk Bottles For Your Reborn Doll

Ever wish you could accessorize your reborn doll with a milk bottle but don’t want to risk it spilling and ruining your doll? Some collectors and artists simply place bottles filled with actual formula in their reborn’s crib or nursery; however, this isn’t recommended. If the milk spills (which is bound to happen), you run […]

Creating and Setting Up a Work Area For Your Reborning Hobby

All serious doll artists need a work area dedicated to their reborning hobby. This will make the hobby ten times easier since all of your supplies and products will be neatly organized and in arm’s reach. Of course, some newcomers to the hobby may simply brush off the need for a dedicated work station by […]

Interesting Reborn Doll Facts That May Surprise You

The hobby of making (AKA reborning) and collecting reborn dolls is still relatively new in the grand scheme of things. While no one knows who’s responsible for making the first reborn doll, long-time artists believe it occurred around the early 1990s. Since then, the hobby has literally boomed in terms of popularity with people from […]

Choosing a Crib For a Reborn Doll

Cribs are a neat little accessory that will go a long ways in your reborn doll’s overall appearance. Most seasoned artists and collectors use them for the numerous benefits they offer. The most obvious advantage of using a crib is that it allows you to show off your reborn doll in a manner that’s similar […]