Reborn Doll Pictures and Visitor Photo Gallery

Want to see your reborn doll here? Send us a picture and we would be glad to upload it to our site. Pictures can be sent directly to

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17 Responses to “Reborn Doll Pictures and Visitor Photo Gallery”

  1. maritza morales says:

    I would like to get one because I’m a adult disability person that cannot ever have a baby and I would like to get one to feel like to be a mother and I don’t now if I could offer the baby please try to tell if there no expensive please let me know the real price my name is maritza Morales

  2. Alexa Reed says:

    I love reborn babies and I have two. My toddler is Zoey and my baby is Emily. I am nine and I am very fortune that I have not one TWO. Thank you for letting me comment!!!

  3. Keniyah says:

    How does the name Miracle sounds and how you think I should spell it like this Mirackle or Miracal

  4. augist says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooo cute I really want one for my birthday

  5. Ashlea m.d says:

    Wow your extermly talented I cant believe that people think that their scary or creepy I think their darn cute

  6. keemynie says:

    i would love one because i wanted one for years so it would be really awsome just to have one

  7. How much do your prices of reborns range from?
    “cause” they’re so adorable
    He he

  8. I’ve got one her names Bella but I love her so much! <3

  9. Your reborn dolls are just amazing, love them, tell me how do you do it? Anyway they are so lovely!

  10. brittney says:

    they are adorable i wish i can have another one i have 6! : )

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