Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Reborn Dolls

Have a question related to reborn dolls or creating your own reborn? Trying to get started in the fun and rewarding hobby of reborn dolls can be confusing and downright difficult at times. With limited stores and shops selling reborns, many newcomers are left with more questions than answers, which is why we created this page. Here we'll have an ongoing FAQ where we'll be answering some of the most common questions regarding reborn dolls. Of course there's a good chance we won't have an answer to EVERYONE'S question, but we promise we'll do our best to answer any that you have. If there's a question that's burning a hole in your mind, shoot as an email through our contact form and we'll try to post it here.

How Much Do Reborn Dolls Cost?

There's no denying the fact that reborn dolls vary greatly in price. Because they're made by both skilled doll artists and big-name doll companies, they're sold in a wide range of prices. You can find some of the low-quality reborn dolls available for a price tag of roughly $60 bucks, while the ones that are made by the biggest names in the reborn doll industry are sold for over $10,000. Thankfully, though, you can find realistic, high-quality reborn dolls for sale with a price tag of $150-$300.

Who Invented Reborn Dolls?

The history of reborn dolls is shrouded is shrouded is speculation, as no one knows who the first person to ever create a reborn doll is. However, we do know that the hobby of making lifelike dolls exploded during the late 80s to early 90s, and as a result, the term "reborn doll" was created. Dolls that were made to look as realistic as possible were then called reborns, and so the craze began.

Is It Hard To Reborn a Doll?

If reborning was easy, I think more people would be doing it. The fact is, though, that a high-quality, lifelike reborn doll takes 30-40 hours to complete. You have to find a doll, remove all the features, carefully add multiple layers of paint to it, weight it down, etc. In addition to the excessive time it takes to reborn a doll, the supplies are also going to cost extra money. If you're interested in reborning a doll, you should start with a kit that includes everything you need. These aren't going to give you us much freedom as starting from scratch, but it's easier and less expensive for beginners to use.

Can I Style My Reborn's Hair?

It really depends on the type of hair used and how much the artist rooted on their head. Typically, mohair has some realistic properties that allow the individual to move and style it around a bit. You can even use gel, pomade and other hair care products on your reborn as long as you wash it out afterwards.

How Do I Get a Pacifier To Stay In My Reborn's Mouth?

So, you've seen pictures and videos of reborns with pacifiers in their mouth but can't get one stay in your reborn's mouth? The trick is to place a magnet behind the doll's mouth when you're making it. You can then place another magnet strip behind the pacifier; therefore, allowing you to add and remove the pacifier as you please. Unfortunately, however, reborn dolls sold without this magnetic strip won't have this option.

Do Reborn Dolls Move?

Most traditional reborn dolls don't have any mechanical or moving parts. However, there are some which have unique features built-in that allow them to make noises, move and even cry. As you can expect, these dolls typically costs a bit more than traditional dolls without any extra moving parts.

Can Children Play With Reborn Dolls?

Absolutely they can, but remember that reborns are more of a collectible and less of a toy. If they're mishandled or treated without care, they can become easily damaged. To make matters worse, it's oftentimes difficult to fix such damages, as you may not be able to find a perfect match for the paint, limbs, eyes, etc. Teach your child what's acceptable and what's not with reborns to ensure they don't damage it in any way.

144 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Reborn Dolls”

  1. Kimora says:

    Does the silicone babies really make noise or no?

  2. Helen says:

    Are there any reborn dolls that have eyes that can be opened and closed? I am unable to find that feature while searching on Amazon…

  3. Gloria says:

    Hi I recently purchased a reborn baby boy on eBay the seller had cut his hair some part is bald and some part is short how can I give him more hair without taken my baby head off. I really thought she should have left it alone. I just need to cover the bald spot.

  4. Birgit says:

    Everyone here asking for dolls than can pee and poop: Reborn dolls don’t do that. Infant simulators do that, but they don’t look that life like. Best interactive doll, even though she does not pee or drink, is the Luvabella. She does a lot of things for a robot doll.

  5. felicia says:

    my question is I have a reborn with a closed mouth and was wondering can I cut her mouth open and give her a pacifier and milk without getting her damaged even though she has a vinyl body

  6. Ashley Lambert says:

    I am going to get a full body silicone baby for my birthday.😊 i have some questions : (1) can you give them a bath ? (2) what kind of diapers should you put on them? (3) what size sock would a 23″ and 3.3 pound baby doll wear ? Will you let me know please anr thank you .😊 i am nervous this is my first silicone baby doll.😊

    • felicia says:

      Hi Ashley ive was nervous to get a reborn also and being that its full body silicone yes you can bath it but not too much more like 2 to 3 times a month maybe less the biggest diapers they can wear is a 3 and sock try newborn I’m sure they’ll stay

    • Mikayla says:

      2.1 or possibly a 2
      3.and a small

  7. Mya says:

    Do you have to feed your baby like what if you are at school and you i don’t feed it? And if you are on a long trip and you don’t change the diaper what will happen? And When you take it out of the box do you have to change its clothes and diaper immediately? I have A crib but it is wood and has legs supporting it form the ground will that be okay? And I told My Parents I wanted one but they said it was to life-like and Realistic my dad said maybe for Christmas but if they get me one how will I make sure they get a real one and the right one not a ripoff Low quality one.

  8. Kimberly says:

    I have a 8 and a 13 year old daughter that wants a reborn is it appropriate for my children to have one even though the dolls have private parts?

  9. Virginia Denham says:

    I’m trying to find a doll within a certain price range that is full silicone body. I see several on eBay that are from China. My concern with eBay and Amazon is how can you tell you are getting a doll that is made with ‘safe’ products. I see a lot in stories floating around about lead content. Any tips or advice?

  10. Tiffny says:

    Where can i find a baby that drinks milk and with its eyes open

  11. Kerry56 says:

    I have recently decided to join the reborn community. My question is: should I buy a reborn first, and then make my own or should I just go straight in and try to make one myself without ever owning one?

    • Niera says:

      Do they dodo and pepe and can i feed it and do it drink?

      • Mikayla says:

        Yes all of the above

      • Birgit says:

        No it doesn’t. The only dolls that wet a diaper are the ones with a drink and wet system. And all that is is a plastic fish tank tube going fro the back of the mouth through the body and ends where the pee comes out. That’s all. They don’t poop…what you see on youtube is people using fake poo and putting it into the diaper before they start filming. I like to call it the pretent poo lol.

      • Emily says:

        I think only some dolls do.😜

    • Lynn Walker says:

      I purchased one first, as I am a visual learner. I checked out details of it, and watched U tube videos and tutorials from Bountiful Baby which helped. Hope this was informative.

      Good luck!
      Lynn Walker fb & jimw06190 on Ebay

    • Angela says:

      you don’t have to own a reborn to start making them but l would join a reborn class or buy a tutorial

  12. Shauni says:

    Where can I purchase a reliable breathing mechanism from a trustworthy seller?

  13. April says:

    I would try putting a magnet in the nipple of the bottle and try that… same with the pacifier except with the pacifier just put a magnet on there and the stuff that holds it in place.

    • Lynn Walker says:

      I use E6000 glue from Walmart for the magnet inside the doll’s head, and a hot glue gun for the pacifier with magnet.

      Lynn πŸ™‚

  14. April says:

    Can I put my silicone baby in water or no?

  15. Stephanie L. says:

    I have a full silicone reborn baby. My question is she came with a magnetic pacifier, how do I feed her a bottle?

    • MontavIA j. says:

      What you can do is go to the store and buy mangents and put it in the nippel

    • Amaya renfro with kenady may lee renfro says:

      You can use some clear glue to close the end of the bottle and ways it can spill be very careful doing so hope you enjoy time with your reborn;)!

  16. Brandy says:

    My 5 year old daughter received a reborn doll for Christmas. She is in love with babies!!! She wants to pretend play with more realistic items like wet wipes during diaper changes and lotions after a bath to make her smell good, etc. what chemicals can be used on the silicone without damaging the doll?

    • Pug says:

      Yes u can! You can if u want to when changing the diaper put baby powder it’s tush

    • Angela says:

      you should never use any Chemicals on a reborn doll as they can damaged the painted skin tones.Only a soft damp cloth should be used

  17. quinn says:

    can full body silicone reborns dolls poop and drink real formula for newborns?

  18. Lily says:

    Is it hard looking after a reborn? I’m getting my first one soon and I’m scared it will be hard work because I go to school all week for 6 hours.

    • Bella1 says:

      Ok! Lily let’s be realistic here…. although reborns look real keep in mind they are dolls so it’s not like having a reborn doll will interfere with your everyday living.. if your in school or have a full time job your reborn will be fine til you get home, she want get hungry, thirsty or lonely for that matter because your reborn has no feelings or organs & it’s ok to love your reborn like it’s a real baby that is definitely your choice, but keep it mind it’s only what you make it to be.

  19. Katie says:

    Do all reborns come with extra clothing?

  20. Shay says:

    Where can you find a silicone doll that feels real and poops and pees?

    • Angela says:

      you can get silicone dolls that have a drink and wet system but they don’t poop.the ones you see on Utube that look like they have pooped are because there ownners put somthing on them to look like they have.

  21. rhonda says:

    If your reborn is the plastic type, can u open their mouth?

  22. Alesandria says:

    Do they drink or eatfood?

  23. Jasmine says:

    Hi my question is how long would a person wait on a reborn baby doll I want one soo bad they are cute and adorable

  24. Stephanie L. says:

    Hi, my question is what type of bed does a reborn silicone baby sleep in?

    • Non ya says:

      They don’t need a bed as you could put them in a wicker basket or just let them sleep with you, your choices, your reborn.

  25. Campbell says:

    How do you wash a reborn if they get messy? Can some reborn open and close there eyes?

  26. Amy says:

    Does anyone have an Ava silicone baby doll by Linda Murray? If so can you please post a pic of her. I can not find a box opening of the baby doll anywhere. I would rather see it from a buyer before I purchase her. Thanks so much!

  27. Mackenzie says:

    Can all reborns get wet?

  28. Jasmine says:

    Hi I was wondering if the reborn babies can drink and use the potty and how much are them

  29. Miandra says:

    How do you handle a silicone baby and do you treat it like a human baby?

  30. Grace says:

    Do reborn baby dolls grow?

    • Bella1 says:

      Hi Grace! Just want to comment on this question….. Do reborns grow? how could something grow that has no organs no heart beat no brain… no nothing for that matter this is a man made doll filled with beads not some high tech science project… So to answer your question ABSOLUTELY NOT… it’s impossible

  31. lily says:

    can you turn of the reborn doll i have school but i wan’t a reborn doll soo i really need a anser thank you so much

  32. Gabby says:

    Hi, I love reborn and am actually expecting one from eBay soon. Do most factory made reborns have magnets behind their mouths for pacifiers?

    • Non ya says:

      Most likely yes, I haven’t gotten an actual reborn yet I only have Fullbody Silicones. They really should it would be ridiculous if they didn’t.

      • Lynn Walker says:

        Some of mine do not need magnets. They actually are able to take modified pacifiers, which gives someone who has a pacemaker or metal implant a chance to own a reborn without fear of the strong magnet affecting their implant.
        Lynn πŸ™‚

        • Rachel Martin says:

          Was wondering if u sell the silicone babies and if so do u sell the ones u can give a bottle so it wets. My daughter is driving me nuts wanting one and ive been wondering are all the full body silicone babies able to take a bottle an wet. I don’t want to spend a arm an leg either bc this will be her first one .

    • Angela says:

      reborns are not Factory made,they are hand made

  33. Ann says:

    Which reborn doll can you feed? This will be my one and only doll so I want it to be perfect. It will only be for show on my bed and not for kids to play with.

  34. Leah says:

    Do reborn baby doll hospitals make and sell dolls?

  35. Addy says:

    Can they drink milk or is it fake

  36. MaliAndVanessa says:

    can silicone / reborn dolls eat and poop/pee

  37. Sara says:

    Do you know where I can get one that can drink milk?

  38. Brierian says:

    Do all reborn baby dolls poop per and cry and do all of that other special stuff

  39. tranyia says:

    are reborn dolls allowed to drink liquid?

  40. jo ryan says:

    Can 84.99 reborn dolls drink milk?

  41. genna says:

    how does a reborn baby pee.

    • Alexa Reed says:

      Dear Genna, a reborn baby can not pee but when you make reborn videos before the videos you can open the diaper and take food dye and dye the water yellow then act like that’s pee!!!

      Alexa Reed Clancy

  42. Mia Jordan says:

    If you got a kit would it be possible to take the mechanism from the baby alive for pooping and peeing and eating and put it into a reborn? And what about a sound box?

  43. Ruth Clay says:

    Hi I recently purchased a reborn baby boy on eBay the seller had cut his hair some part is bald and some part is short how can I give him more hair without taken my baby head off. I really thought she should have left it alone sI just need to cover the bald spot

  44. Jalima says:

    I want a silicone vinyl reborn girl, wears newborn girl clothing, eyes closed, light colour skin, dark brown mohair, really realistic, her head has to be floppy and needs to be supported and she comes with a lot of clothes.

    • Angela says:

      there is no such thing as Silicone vinyl dolls,they are Silicone or vinyl you can mix them.Its the Chinese market that call them silicone vinyl.This is wrong advertizing

  45. Alyssa says:

    How do you make a reborn that looks like you?

  46. Yaya smith says:

    Can cloth reborn dolls drink and poop and pee

    • Non ya says:

      No they can not as it would ruin the cloth body, Or stain it only some silicone (full body)’s can do that really. Just look closer, my friend.

  47. Jaden says:

    Can silcone babies drink real milk

  48. Ellaza says:

    Do/can reborn babies die without the proper nourishment? And can you get roborns that can be feed real food and that will let the food/liquid leave its body?

    • Bella1 says:

      How can something die that’s not alive… please ppl think about the questions it’s a reborn doll it has no human organs… it’s a man made doll that’s been stuffed with Beads it has a cloth body that cant get wet or it’s ruined…A real baby can die or become ill with out proper care, but this is a DOLL I repeat A DOLL! 😳

  49. jo ryan says:

    Do all reborn baby dolls act like real babies and drink milk? Im getting a baby boy for 128 pounds. Will he drink milk.

    • Non ya says:

      They can but they cost lots more (sometimes not to much) so I’d look lots closer πŸ™‚

      • Angela says:

        reborns can’t drink milk they can have fake bottle with pretend milk but the bottle is sealed they have a magnet in them and one in the reborns head to make it look like they are drinking milk

  50. Aaliyah says:

    is there some reborn babies that burp, or pee,and sleep
    also what is the diffrence between a silicone doll and a reborn?

  51. Mia says:

    Is there a certain brand of milk that the silicone baby can drink from?

  52. Keanna says:

    What kind of dolls eat, drink, and pee? Is it Roberts nursery reborn dolls

  53. morgan says:

    i highly recommend it.

  54. Candace says:

    Do all reborn baby dolls cry?

  55. Kayla Cox says:

    I’m wanting to get One for my friend who’s daughter passed away years ago, if I emailed someone a portrait of her would they be able to create a reborn doll to look like her?

    • Micky Jones says:

      If you found an artist who did portrait designs then I’m sure they would do that for you, also that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard of a friend doing! Can you be my friend?

  56. Maravue says:

    What companies sell full body reborn baby boys that breathe, eat, cry , pee and is washable ?

  57. Saidy says:

    Do the dolls actually drink the fake milk

    • morgan says:

      no, you take a bottle and seal the tip with silicone seal, plastic wrap, toothpicks ect. then you push the nipple down

  58. charlotte says:

    after painting hair do you put a shine to it a medium or some thing? it looks like it needs something else

  59. taina says:

    can you like take it on a plane?

    • Micky Jones says:

      Yes you can definitely take it on a plane but you might get some stares because they look so much like real babies.

    • LorenzoMoya says:

      Yes you can take it on an a plane

    • Mackenzie says:

      Yes you may find people looking or staring like Micky Jones said but Definitely! Just be careful not to loose her/him…. I said that because maybe someone will think it’s a real baby and try to doll kidnap it XD

  60. Ginette says:

    how can I get sound effects for my reborn baby

  61. chi says:

    Why aren’t silicone reborn kits easy to find like the vinyl kits are ? And where are silicone kits available if they are out ? I know painting silicon will be different from that of vinyl, how different? Thank you

    • Non ya says:

      Yes, some do actually open and close there eyes but…. Did you know you have to pull them open gently???? And BTW, They’d cost some more money, And you don’t normally see those silicone often so you’re really going to have to save up for those special days when they do come out! πŸ™‚

    • Mackenzie says:

      Nobody really knows the answer to that question but, If you really want one it might cost more than vinyl’s.

  62. Denii Dierdorf says:

    Do they open and close their eyes?

  63. Virginia E Love says:

    Do reborns really drink milk from a bottle?

    • Saidy says:

      That’s the same question I asked

    • morgan says:

      like i said to Saidy
      no, you take a bottle and seal the tip with silicone seal, plastic wrap, toothpicks ect. then you push the nipple down

    • Micky Jones says:

      No, Reborns don’t eat or drink real food but you can seal the nipple of the bottle and push it in to make it look like the baby is drinking from the bottle

    • Madi says:

      Reborn don’t drink from a bottle and reborn’s also don’t poop it is just peanut butter and reborn babies do not see it is just died water.

    • Mackenzie says:

      Only the drink n wet silicones do, as they are really high in price around: 2,970 dollars.

    • Amaya renfro with kenady may lee renfro says:

      No they can’t really drink it sorry but you can glue the tip so it looks like it that’s what I do and 13 people thought she was real:)

    • Vanessa Wilson says:

      Only the ones that say that they are “DRINK AND WET REBORNS”. (These start in price around $2,000 US dollars) They actually have a tubing system inside that allows them do drink a bottle and it passes through them out of their atomically correct (they have realistic gender body parts = boy=penis/ girl=vagina) Into diaper or just free flow. Just like real baby would pee. But they do not eat solids and they do not poop! You have to make belive that part yourself. Some people use peanut butter and BBQ sauce mixed-up together and smeared into diaper to pretend it’s poop. Or I like to use peanut butter and jar of baby food peas or spinach mixed together. I’ve dealt with real baby poop, and I think this gives a real representation of actual poop! Gross!
      As far as the sounds go, you can either buy reborns with sounds already built in. The more features your reborn has, the more it will cost.
      They have ones that actually look like they are breathing. Ones that cry, and coo, and babble, and laugh (those are usually all together on same one- not the breathing, but everything else).
      You can also just buy the voice box that makes all the sounds, or makes it looks like your reborn is breathing, to add to your kit by just going to ebay and searching for infant sounds voicebox for reborns ect. Or drink and wet system for sale for reborn kit
      Just know, if you’re spending around $200- you’re most likely not getting a gender specific full body, drink and wet, crying, reborn! If you did, you hit the jackpot! Consider yourself very lucky indeed!

  64. brittney says:

    i will definetly use the tips above to take good care of all 6 of my babies thnx! : )

  65. katelin says:

    Do they cry or stuf like that?

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