Reborn Dolls on Channel 10 News

This is yet another video clip I stumbled across that shows an Australian news program, Channel Ten News, covering reborn dolls. They interview reborner Maggie Palmer as she reveals what goes into making one of these reborn dolls. While she doesn't exactly reveal her step-by-step process, we get a sneak peak into Maggie's work area where you can see her convection oven used to warm the heat-set paint. It's a pretty informative introduction if you aren't familiar with the hobby or looking to learn more about it.

Later into the Channel Ten News segment, they take a reborn doll through the mall to see the reactions of bystanders when they find out the reborn doll isn't actually a real baby. I've seen a few clips like this and I always get a kick out of it. Most people just brush it off or joke around about the doll looking so real. A few people, however, are downright shocked to hear that it's a doll. When reborn dolls are done just right, it's easy to mistake them for a baby, and that's what most doll artists try to achieve.

It's kind of interesting how they talk about using reborn dolls for grieving and therapy. Many people assume they are only toy-like objects with no real value, but the fact is that reborns can help parents recover from the loss of a child, such as shown in this news segment.

One of the last parts of the news segment covers popular reborn doll artist Nikki Holland as she gives her opinions and views on the hobby. Nikki is definitely one of my favorite reborners and I highly recommend checking out some of her dolls if you haven't already. She's been doing it for years and you can tell she puts her heart and soul into each reborn she makes.


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  1. Terri says:

    I make reborn dolls too and I know about Nicki Holland. I go to her web sights quite often. She is one of my utmost favorite reborners.

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