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Reborn Baby Girl Doll

Reborn Baby Girl Doll

You'll find we offer an enormous selection of both boy and girl one-of-a-kind (OOAK) reborn dolls. As the name suggests, these dolls are completely unique in the sense that nobody else has one, making them perfect for serious collectors. Of course, you can also choose to build your own doll using  one of the many kits available. To find the perfect reborn doll of your dreams, simply click on the shopping cart button at the top right corner of page, followed by selecting the appropriate category.

Still can't find the reborn doll that's right for you? Try using the search box in the top corner of the page. Simply type the name or phrase of what type of reborn you are looking for. For instance, "reborn baby girl" or "preemie reborn doll." In addition, please feel free to send us an email for any special doll requests. Although we can't make any promises, we'll do our best to locate the doll you are searching for.

Reborn Dolls – The Basics

Collecting and making reborn dolls is a relatively new hobby that's been gaining popularity in the last decade. Even with this newfound popularity, though, many people still have no clue what they are. In short, reborn dolls (AKA living dolls or newborn dolls) are traditional toy vinyl dolls that have been massively transformed by a skilled artists to look as realistic as possible.

Creating a reborn doll is a long and arduous process that takes countless hours to complete. However, once completed, it will closely resemble an actual living baby. In fact, there are numerous instances where people have called the police or fire department having seeing a baby locked inside a car. Once the authorities arrive on the scene to free the baby, they find out that it's only a reborn doll.

Purchasing a reborn for the first time can be a difficult and downright confusing process. To make things easier, here are a couple things you should consider when shopping for a reborn:

  • Gender – Arguably the biggest decision you'll have to make is whether you want a boy or girl reborn doll. You may not realize it, but the gender of your reborn is going to affect things like how you dress them and set up their nursery, so don't make this decision lightly.
  • Facial Expression – You'll want to take note of what facial expression a reborn has before purchasing one. Some of them may have their eyes open with a big smile on their face, while other reborns will have their eyes closed in a peaceful sleep.
  • Material – Reborn dolls are made out of a variety of materials, and it's important to understand what these are before purchasing one. The body and limbs are generally either silicon, vinyl or a plastic blend, all of which offer some unique advantages and disadvantages.
  • Accessories – A lot of artists include some neat little accessories with their reborn dolls, such as pacifiers, blankets, clothes and even birth certificates and certificates of authenticity (COA). Check to see what types of accessories a doll comes with before purchasing it.
Reborn Doll Holding a Teddy Bear

Reborn Doll Holding a Teddy Bear

Reborn Dolls and More...

Although most people visit our site for the enormous selection of reborn dolls we offer, The Reborn Doll Mart is much more than that. We have numerous guides and informative resources covering a wide range of topics, such as the history of reborns, how to create a reborn from scratch, what the best type of paint is, and how you can set up your very own nursery.

In addition to the useful guides and information available on our site, we also have a photo gallery where you can find examples of adorably cute reborn dolls. If you have a reborn and wish to show them off here on our site, we'd be more than happy to display them on our photo gallery if you send us an email with a picture or two of them. Just remember to follow the submission guidelines before emailing us any photos of your reborns.

Baby Reborn Girl In Sleeping Position

Baby Reborn Girl In Sleeping Position

Reborning a Doll

At first glance, you might assume that reborning a doll is a quick and easy process that one can do in a matter of minutes. After all, how difficult can it actually be to piece together a realistic doll? Well, you might be surprised that it takes 40+ hours of sweat, tears and loads of hard work to create a true reborn doll. Although some people may be able to throw a doll together in less time, quality reborns that look like actual babies take well over 40 full hours, so be prepared to invest a serious amount of time if you want to make one.

Reborning a doll is no walk in the park by any means. An experienced artist must strip a vinyl doll of all its limbs, paint, hair and features. Once this is done, a dozen or more coats of high-quality paint (typically heat-set) is carefully added to the surface of the doll to give it a realistic layered texture that looks like actual human skin. After painting, the artist will meticulously add features like eyelashes, glass eyes, wrinkles, new hair and weight to the doll. When all of these features have been added and the paint is given ample time to try, you're left with a new reborn doll. Of course this is just the basics of reborning. If you really want to take a shot at making your own from scratch, please see our guide on how to create a reborn doll.

Instead of attempting to create a reborn doll from the ground up, you can purchase a reborn kit that includes everything you need except the doll. These reborn doll kits are designed specifically for beginners so they can build their own reborns in a simple and straightforward process. If this is your first time making a reborn, it's recommended that you first try using one of these kits, as there's little-to-no chance that you'll mess it up.