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   35.  Applying Eyelashes on a Reborn Doll
   36.  Painting a Reborn Doll's Fingernails and Toenails
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   1.  Choosing The Right Glue Type For a Reborn Doll
   2.  How To Create "Care Instructions" For a Reborn Doll
   3.  Am I Ready To Adopt My First Reborn Doll?
   4.  Top 7 Mistakes Made When Running a Reborn Doll Business
   5.  Thinking of Taking a Reborn Doll Making Class? Read This First
   6.  Sneak Peak at The 2013 Down East Doll Show & Conference
   7.  My Fake Baby Documentary on BBC
   8.  My Reborn Doll Morning Routine
   9.  How To Create Fake Milk Bottles For Your Reborn Doll
   10.  Creating and Setting Up a Work Area For Your Reborning Hobby
   11.  Interesting Reborn Doll Facts That May Surprise You
   12.  Choosing a Crib For a Reborn Doll
   13.  Reborn Doll Hair Styling Tips and Tricks
   14.  Donating Your Reborn Dolls For a Good Cause
   15.  List of The Top Reborn Doll Names and Naming Tips
   16.  Dolls From The Dark Side - Reborn Vampires, Zombies and Clowns, Oh My!
   17.  Packaging and Shipping Your Reborn Dolls
   18.  The Potential Dangers of Toxic Vinyl Fumes When Reborning a Doll
   19.  Reborn Doll Quiz - Test Your Knowledge!
   20.  Warning: Never Store Your Reborn Doll In These Common Areas
   21.  Simple and Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Reborn Website
   22.  Creating a Storefront Website For Your Reborning Business
   23.  Tips For Taking The Best Pictures of Your Reborn Dolls
   24.  How To Create a Reborn Doll Birth Certificate
   25.  Reborn Dolls on Channel 10 News
   26.  Reborn Dolls on Anderson Cooper
   27.  Australian News Segment Covering Reborn Dolls
   28.  Reborn Dolls on The Today Show
   29.  Reborn Dolls on Dr. Phil
   30.  3 Easy Ways To Create a More Realistic Reborn Doll
   31.  Taking a Closer Look At The Pros and Cons of Reborn Doll Kits
   32.  The Importance of Branding Yourself as a Reborn Doll Artist
   33.  How To Sell Reborns on Auction Sites
   34.  Using Reborn Dolls To Help Prepare For Motherhood
   35.  How To Care For Your Reborn Doll
   36.  What To Look For In a Reborn Doll
   37.  How To Accessorize Your Reborn Doll
   38.  Setting Up a Reborn Doll Nursery
   39.  Where To Sell Your Reborn Dolls At
   40.  4 Simple Ways To Show Off Your Reborn Doll
   41.  Reborn Doll Therapy For Alzheimer's Disease
   42.  Uncovering The History and Origins Behind Reborn Dolls

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