About Us

Thanks for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about the Reborn Doll Mart. While our site is still relatively new in the whole scheme of things, we're proud of what we've accomplished so far. It's because of you, our visitors, that our site is such a popular resource hub for those interested in the hobby of reborn dolls. Whether you're an artists, collector or just someone who's looking to learn more about reborns, you've come to the right place. We offer visitors a simple and convenient way to find reborn dolls for sale. Of course we also have extensive guides written out by our reborn experts covering such subjects as mottling, painting, adding eyes, etc. All of the information on our site is completely free for visitors to access, so check it out!

How The Reborn Doll Mart Started

My name is Karen Long and I decided to start the Reborn Doll Mart with a couple of my close friends who are also interested in reborn dolls. While I don't claim to be a reborn "expert" by any means, I've done my fair share of reborning. In total, I've probably made around 30-40 reborns in my lifetime. If you know anything about the hobby, you're probably aware that some people have invested thousands of hours into it. I'm still a good ways away from those kinds of numbers, but I'm constantly working on perfecting the craft of reborning. Something that has helped immensely is networking and communicating with other reborners, which is why I strongly recommend that you either content us through email or simply leave a comment on our pages. We love to hear from our visitors!

I came up with the idea after scouring the internet in search of helpful reborning tips. Notice how I said "helpful?" That's because there are dozens of websites out there with junk information on the hobby doesn't explain the correct way to approach reborning. If you've made reborns before, then you probably don't need this kind of information. For everyone else, however, guides and how-tos are essential tools in getting started.

We're constantly adding new guides to our site, but we've already compiled a pretty significant amount of information. Most of the guides hosted on our site were either written by me (Karen) or one of our other members. If you feel that we missed over something in one of our guides (accidents DO happen), please contact us to let us know. After all, that's the only way we're going to continue to be able to provide our visitors with the best information on the reborning hobby.

Thanks again for visiting the Reborn Doll Mart! And we hope you enjoy!

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