How To Care For Your Reborn Doll

It's no secret that reborn dolls were meant for the enjoyment of their owners. Having one of these unique, ultra-realistic dolls is an undeniably fun experience that can't be put into words. With owning one, though, comes the responsibility of caring for it. Doing so will ensure that your reborn doll withstands the hands of time and remains as beautiful and flawless as it did when you first got it.

Above all, a reborn doll's purpose is for you to enjoy. This means you can play with it, dress it up, or just collect and show it off to your friends. You don't have to keep your reborn locked away in a glass case where no one can reach it, but you should do your part to keep it protected and well taken care of. Treating your reborn carelessly or being too "rough" with it will increase the chance of it becoming damaged or otherwise broken. Minor damage can usually be repaired with the right materials and know-how, but more severe damage could essentially destroy your reborn beyond repair.


Fragile Sign

Handling Your Reborn

Reborns are more than your average doll and as such, they should be treated differently. Remember, a reborn doll is essentially a piece of art that someone spent countless hours perfecting; therefore, it should be treated as such. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many newcomers to the hobby are forced to learn the hard way. Depending on the type of reborn you have, such a mistake can cost you hundreds of even thousands of dollars.

The bottom line is that you should always handle your reborn with the utmost of care. Try to think of your reborn as more of a collectible and less as an everyday toy. Collectibles are meant to last and should be handled with caution. Don't toss your reborn around, pull on their limbs or hair, or be too rough with them in general. Failing to properly handle your reborn could result in damage that's both costly and difficult to fix. If you take your reborn out to dress up or play with, make sure you put it back in a safe storage area before leaving the house.

Dog Inside

Dog Inside

Pets and Children

If you have pets, you'll want to keep your reborn doll out of their reach at all times. If a dog gets hold of it and mistakes it as a toy, you can say bye-bye to your precious reborn. A family dog can easily mistake a reborn doll sitting on the couch for one of their toys. Once they get it in their mouth and start chewing on it, even the most well-made reborn doll will slowly begin to come apart. Most pets won't mess with dolls, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Small children can be another concern for a reborn doll. If you want your reborn to remain in the same pristine condition as the day your first got it, you'll want to store it in a place that's out of your child's sight and reach. It's no secret that small children are drawn to dolls like magnets, but unfortunately they're likely to be rough with them. This doesn't mean you can't ever let them see it, but you have to teach them the boundaries of what's acceptable and what's not. If you have a child, teach them that your reborn isn't a toy, and once they have developed an appreciation for it, you can let them hold or even play with your reborn as long as you're around to supervise.

Cleaning Your Reborn

Even if you walk on pins and needles trying to keep your reborn as pristine as it was the day you got it, it's inevitable that some dirt and dust will accumulate on it. Small amounts of dust probably isn't going to cause any serious concern, but thick layers can slowly damage the paint and integrity of your doll. Thankfully, however, the occasional cleaning will help prevent buildups of dirt, keeping your reborn looking its best; here's how you do it:

If your reborn is just dusty, take a feather duster or lint-free dusting cloth and give it light but thorough wiping down. I don't recommend using any cleaning product, as some of them contain harmful chemicals that may stain or even strip the paint off of your reborn. For basic cleaning, you should be able to brush it down with a basic feather duster to remove the majority of dust and dirt on its surface.

If your reborn is dirty to the point where a duster isn't doing the job, you may need to be a little bit more creative in your cleaning. Start by removing all of your reborn's clothes so they are in their birthday suit (yep, a buck-naked reborn!. Once the clothes are removed, take a small hand towel, run it under luke-warm water, and gently wipe down your reborn from head to toe. You may need to add a drop of non-toxic soap to your towel if it's still not getting your reborn clean. Once your reborn is clean, wipe it down with a dry towel and put their clothes back on.

Reborn Doll Hair Brush

Reborn Doll Hair Brush

Reborn Hair Care

Part of caring for your reborn is maintaining their hair, keeping it clean and tangle-free. Whether your reborn doll has mohair from the Angora goat or any other type of doll hair, you'll need to occasionally brush it. In order to do so, you'll need to get a baby brush or comb, both of which can be found at most infant stores.

Start by gently brushing through the hair back and fourth. If it gets stuck at a knot or tangle, don't force it, as it's easy to pull out the individually rooted hairs. Just remove the brush and try again. For some of the more stubborn knots, you may need to hold the hair with your free hands while slowly working it out using the brush in your other hand. Keep doing this until their hair is tangle-free and there are no visible clumps.

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  1. Tanahja says:

    I wish I had one but can’t can I please adopt one of y’all reborn please and may god bless y’all and thank u

  2. Teresa Hughes says:

    Can I wash my Katie dolls hair?

  3. Taylor says:

    I’m getting twins soon and i thing they might be a little hard to handle but I’ll deal with it wish me luck 😉

  4. Aniya says:

    My reborn named Tristan has a stain on his face and I have trued with a baby wipe and a washcloth and I did not work help me o can get in trouble by this help

  5. angela says:

    Can you give them a bath?

  6. Faith says:

    I just got a reborn for Christmas and I got some jeans as well I sat my baby on my new jeans and I guess my jeans faded on its legs and I don’t know what to do? I tried a wash cloth and it didn’t work so I don’t know what else to try.

  7. Kate says:

    I am getting a reborn sometime later this year and I can’t wait for it. I want to be a good reborn mommy so I have been reading all of their articles on this site. They are Al so help full. My reborn is going to be a custom he is the Trey reborn doll kit. I can’t a ait whish me good luck with my reborn 🙂

  8. katie says:

    i have a realistic one and its so cute i care for it with all my heart.

  9. Michelle says:

    Wouldn’t a baby wipe do the trick can you even use baby wipes on a reborn? I am planning on getting a package of wipes for my reborn so if it is a bad idea please let me know thanks

  10. Michelle says:

    My cat thinks it is a actually baby and has taken upon herself to protect the reborn at all times it refuses to leave the reborn’s side but with very careful supervision for the last few days it became clear to me that the cat will never harm the reborn. Mind you the edges of the basket are between the cat and the reborn

  11. kamryn says:

    i have 2 reborns i got to name them da’vius jr. and trey jr.

  12. Jai Lynn says:

    I’ll name my reborn, Tah’Liah. (It’s the Michelle Obama Tribute Doll)

  13. Jai Lynn says:

    Great! Hopefully my grandma gets my reborn. Now I know how to clean it and keep it fresh. Thank you plenty! I can use this to make a YouTube video, if you don’t mind.

    ~Jai Lynn

  14. Alya says:

    Kayleigh I feel the same way :'( I can’t get them off and it make me upset

    • brooklyn says:

      all you have to do is get a wet cloth and put a little soap and wipe the marks and then put baby powder on and it should come off

  15. SammyLouis says:

    the reborn im getting (Ted) has very light shaded painted eyebrows. Ted is an ashton drake his actual name is Jacob but i like ted.

  16. Lalaloak says:

    I lost my reborn

  17. Kate says:

    How often should I wash my baby?

  18. Patience Hearl says:

    Maybie you might have bumped it and some of the vynal rubbed of or maybie it was like that when you got it

  19. kayleigh says:

    i have marks on my babies and i dont know what they are

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