How To Accessorize Your Reborn Doll

Need a little help accessorizing your reborn doll? Whether you own one or a dozen reborns, you need to invest some of your time, energy and money into properly accessorizing them. Not only will it allow them to look their best, but it also gives you a chance to spend some time with your reborn, which is something that every owner should try to do. The more time you spend with them, the greater the bond that will develop between the two of you. Don't worry if you aren't sure of how to accessorize your reborn, as we'll go over some of the all around best items that are sure to them look their best.

Let's face it - accessorizing isn't a requirement for collecting or even making reborn dolls, so what's the point? There are a couple unique advantages to accessorizing your reborns, one of which is the simple fact that it gives your doll a fresh new look. Some owners grow tired of looking at the same reborn doll day-after-day. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new doll, you can accessorize the ones you have with some new items. It's simple, quick, inexpensive and the all-around perfect way to give your reborn a new look.

Baby Crochet Hats

Crochet Hat For Reborn

Crochet Hat For Reborn

Okay, I admit that I'm a huge fan of crochet hats for reborn dolls. The classic, hand-woven look is the perfect item to accessorize their already beautiful look with. Crochet hats tend to be extremely soft and comfortable, which helps to prevent damaging your reborn's delicate mohair. Just find a hat that matches some of the outfits you already have for your reborn and gently place it over their head. Be warned, though, strangers may think you have a real baby hiding underneath that stylish crochet hat!

One of the great things about crochet hats is the sheer amount of choices available. Most people assume they are all basic caps made with a single thread color and no other features. While some of them are this basic, others may contain multiple colors, flowers, emblems and other designed crocheted in, allowing for an even greater depth of style. Take your time to choose the one that looks like it just belongs on your reborn doll.

Of course you can always crochet your own baby hat if you're really feeling adventurous. Without knowing otherwise, one might assume that it's a fairly easy and quick process to create one. Soon after you start "attempting" to crochet one, you'll quickly realize just how difficult and time-consuming it is. Coming from someone who's been crocheting for a couple years now, I can say that it takes a good deal of trial and error before you're able to successfully crochet an attractive and functional baby hat. The first few times you'll probably have something that looks more like a messed up pickle (yes I know how ridiculous this sounds). After you get the hang of it, though, you should be able to crochet some quality hats and caps in a couple hours of your spare time.

Reborn Doll Clothes

Reborn Doll Clothes


Okay this is kind of a given, but you must have clothes for your reborn doll. After all, you wouldn't let your baby go around naked, would you? Most doll artists sell their reborns with at least one outfit of clothes, but you should consider purchasing some more. Doing so will allow you to change the look and overall style of your reborn in just a few simple steps. The small investment in a couple different baby outfits is well worth the price so you can change how your reborn looks.

If you haven't purchased newborn clothes before, you may have trouble trying to find the right size. The easiest way to ensure you purchase the right size it to use a tape measure to get the length and width of your reborn. When you're shopping for their clothes, refer to these measurements to make sure they aren't too large or small. You can choose to either purchase traditional baby clothes, or you can go with doll clothes. While manufacturers of doll clothes try to stress the importance of using their outfits, the truth is that regular baby clothes can work just as well.

In addition to choosing the right size clothes, you also have to think about how it's going to look on them. Don't be afraid of trying new styles with your reborn doll. Something like a small ruffled pink dress or tu-tu is the perfect idea for girl reborn dolls, but your imagination is really the only thing holding you back. If you're still having trouble finding cute clothes for your reborn, take a look in some baby magazines or blogs for ideas.

Reborn Doll Pacifier

Reborn Doll Pacifier


Every reborn doll needs to have a pacifier to accessorize their look. There's just something uniquely cute and adorable with reborns holding a pacifier in their mouth. Some reborns are built with them already attached to their mouth, while others have magnets added that allow them to connect. If your reborn has a magnetic strip located behind their mouth, you'll need to purchase special pacifiers with a similar magnetic strip; otherwise, your reborn won't be able to hold it properly.

So, just what type of pacifier should you purchase for your reborn doll? If you have children of your own, you're probably aware of the enormous selection of pacifiers available on the market. Some of them are solid colored and others are transparent. The most important thing to remember is to make sure the pacifier features a built-in magnetic strip so that it will attach to your reborn. If it doesn't have one, you might be able to add a magnet with a little bit of work, but you must be sure to use a high-powered magnet that's capable of securely staying in your reborn's mouth. Don't skimp out and try to cut corners by using some cheap toy magnet, as it might not be strong enough to stay on without falling off.


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