Warning: Never Store Your Reborn Doll In These Common Areas

When reborn dolls are properly stored, they will offer you countless years of enjoyment without showing any visible signs of wear or damage. Unfortunately, though, many collectors (especially beginners) make the all-too-common mistake of storing them in areas where they susceptible to damage. You may not realize it, but keeping your reborn in certain places of your home could spell a recipe for disaster. If you want to make your dolls last (which you should), then you'll want to take note of what I'm about to tell you.

With the average price of a high-quality reborn doll at $300-$500 (sometimes even more), damage can be costly to say the least. Depending on how extensive the damage is, and the type of doll you have, repairs can run upwards of several hundred dollars. Of course you can always repair it yourself by hand, but you must have proper knowledge on the reborning process and the materials used. Only then can you safely repair your reborn doll without the risk of causing further damage. Thankfully, taking the necessary preventive measures by storing your reborn in the right place will help reduce the change of damage occurring.



#1 - Direct Sunlight

Most collectors don't realize just how damaging sunlight can be to their reborn dolls until it's too late. It probably won't have overnight, but months of prolonged exposure to the sun's rays can and will damage the paint. Typically, the sun will slowly fade your reborn's paint, creating a dull, non-realistic appearance that greatly affects your reborn's overall look. The worst part is that you probably won't even notice this, as the damage gradually occurs over several months or years. Once you compare it next to a new reborn without sun damage, though, you'll quickly see the difference between the two.

Here are some of the signs of reborn doll sun damage:

  • Dull, lacklaster paint that's slowly fading.
  • Some areas of the doll will usually be brighter than others.
  • Paint may even begin to peel away on the most affected parts.
  • Rough texture that's almost gritty to the touch.

The easiest way to prevent sun damage to your reborn doll is to keep them stores in areas away from the windows. There's nothing wrong with moving your reborn to a window frame or daybed next to a window as long as you don't leave them here for long periods of time. If you choose to place your reborn in an area of the house that receives large amounts of sunlight, be sure to move them away after a couple days have passed.

There is another option that will allow you to store your reborns around a window - keep them shaded. Instead of leaving them out in the open where sunlight can barrage down on their delicate skin, dress them up in protective clothing and/or use accessories to cover them up. For instance, something as simple as an umbrella or stroller could offer enough shade to protect your doll from the degenerative effects of the sun.

Air Vent

Air Vent

#2 - Air Vents

You might want to think twice before you place your reborn doll next to an open air vent. It may not seem like a big deal, but doing so can lead to extensive damage on your doll. Sometimes the damage will be minor, while other times it can literally destroy an otherwise perfect reborn doll. If you don't want to take the chance (which you shouldn't), keep your reborns stores far away from vents inside your home.

So, how are air vents able to cause so much damage to a reborn? The problem is due to the high levels of humidity frequently found here. When you crank up the thermostat in your home on those chilly winter evenings, the warm air coming through the vents will be loaded with humidity. You might not be able to see it with the naked eye, but warm air is naturally more humid than cold air, and this moisture can damage a reborn doll.

The fact of the matter is that anytime of "overly" humid environment can damage a reborn a doll. Whether it's right in front of an air vent or outside in the musky garage, you must avoid storing your reborn dolls here. If it's simply the only area available, you can place your dolls in air-tight storage containers so the humidity won't affect them, but there's always a chance that the container will crack or break. Just to be on the safe side, keep your reborns stores inside your home where they are far away from any open vents.



#3 - Attic

A third area where where reborns are commonly stored is the attic. Given the fact that long-time collectors may own as many as two or three dozen dolls, trying to find a home for all of them can be next to impossible; therefore, some people may result to stashing their reborns away in the attic. Sure, there's plenty of space in the attic, and it's out of the way of normal foot traffic, but it's simply not a suitable environment for a delicate reborn doll.

There are numerous reasons why you should avoid storing your reborns in the attic, such as the following:

  • Dust settles in the attic and will quickly coat your doll once it's stored here.
  • Attics typically aren't temperature-controlled.
  • The air is more moist and damp inside an attic.
  • There's always a chance you'll forget that your reborns are stored in the attic.

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