Reborn Dolls on The Today Show

The YouTube video posted below shows reborn doll artist Becky Lombard along side one of her collectors taking the stage on the Today Show. The segment originally aired during the first quarter of 2012, but we have it posted here in case you missed it. Unlike some of the other news segments, the Today Show actually did a respective job at giving an unbiased look into the world of reborn dolls. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend checking it out. You can see the full segment in the edited 8-minute clip posted here.

When Ann Curry asked doll collector Karen how many reborns she had, Karen responded by saying 28. Becky Lombard was then asked how many she had, which she responded by saying 10; although, it's likely she's had many more in her possession since she's an artist. When asked what drew her to the hobby, Becky goes on to say how she discovered that she was unable to have anymore children and saw the dolls on eBay. After purchasing one doll, she slowly became addicted to the hobby (like many of us do) and soon had several in her possession.

Towards the end of the Today Show segment on reborn dolls, Becky talks about how she enjoys the comfort in holding a reborn and how it's almost therapeutic. She says that many parents choose to collect reborns to fill the void left behind when their children grow up and leave to college. All in an all, this is an interesting segment done by the folks at the Today Show.

It's important to note that the original YouTube video (shown above) was posted by Becky Lombard herself. She goes by the YouTube username of "rebornprincess53," so check out some of her other videos if you like her reborns.


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