Choosing a Crib For a Reborn Doll

Reborn Doll Crib

Reborn Doll Crib

Cribs are a neat little accessory that will go a long ways in your reborn doll's overall appearance. Most seasoned artists and collectors use them for the numerous benefits they offer. The most obvious advantage of using a crib is that it allows you to show off your reborn doll in a manner that's similar to how an actual baby sleeps. The more realism you can add to your reborn doll and their surroundings, the better. Of course, you'll want to pay close attention when selecting a crib to ensure it meets your needs.

In addition to the unique touch of realism they provide, cribs are also useful for safely storing your reborn doll. We talk a little bit more about where not to store your reborn doll in this previous post, but cribs are perfectly acceptable. They allow you to fully enjoy your reborn doll by having quick access to them while being stored in a safe area. Most family dogs won't be able to reach or access a free-standing crib, so your reborn is safe here. With that said, some curious cats might want to check out the contents of this new home furnishing.

What To Look For In a Crib

There are literally thousands of different cribs available for sale. Some of them are constructed using four basic gated walls, while others are more complex. There are even unique, one-of-a-kind cribs that are made to stand out from the rest. Because of the countless number of cribs on the market, choosing one can prove to be a challenge, especially if this is your first time purchasing one. Take a look at some of the things to look for in a reborn doll crib below...

  • Arguably, one of the most influential factors that go into purchasing a crib should be the color and style. Unless you want your new crib to stick out like a sore thumb (in a bad way FYI), you should choose a model that matches the interior decor of the room where you intend on using it.
  • What material is the crib made of? A general rule of thumb is to avoid particle board or other cheap materials. You'll have to pay a bit more for authentic hardwood cribs made out of maple, cherry, mahogany, etc., but it's well worth the investment.
  • Size is yet another factor you'll need to consider when choosing a crib. The good news is that reborn dolls require less room than a real baby, so you don't have to spend a ton of money on large, luxurious models. In fact, most collectors prefer a small crib because they take up less space.
  • What kind of accessories does the crib come with? Most models come with a mattress at the very least; however, some of them may also come packaged with pillows, blankets and even mobiles.
  • Cribs can range anywhere from a $50 to $3,000 (yes some people pay that much for cribs). To ensure you don't over-pay, decide how much you are willing to spend beforehand and stick with your budget.
  • Choose a model that's easy to assemble unless you want to pull our your hair in frustration while trying to build it.
Cherry Colored Reborn Doll Crib

Cherry Colored Reborn Doll Crib

New vs Used Cribs

Some people might automatically turn their head at the thought of placing their reborn doll in a previously used crib. After all, used cribs are dirty and grungy, right? Well, I'm sure some of them are, but other used models are perfectly fine. In fact, they may have a unique vintage look that matches your reborn nursery room.  If you are interested in purchasing a used crib, check out some of the antique stores around your town. This is where you'll really have a shot at coming away with some "diamond in the rough" cribs.

Most used cribs are also prices significantly lower than new ones. Artists and collectors who are trying to save some money should opt for a used model instead. However, some of the rare or limited edition used cribs might come with a hefty price tag. Going back to the basics of supply and demand, a fewer number of cribs means they are worth more. However, you should use extra caution if you are thinking about purchasing a limited edition crib, as it might be counterfeit.

Tips on Using Your Reborn Doll Crib

Reborn Doll Crib With Mobile

Reborn Doll Crib With Mobile

Once you've purchased a crib, you'll then need to start preparing it for your reborn doll. The truth is that you really don't need anything else besides a crib to enjoy this new accessory; however, there are certain things you can add to make it more realistic and fun for your reborn doll hobby. Think about what a real baby's crib looks like and contains, and then try to recreate it in your new doll crib.

Obviously, a crib should contain a mattress with some soft blankets. This is just something that every baby needs, so be sure to include it in your reborn's crib. You can find these items for sale at most baby stores, or you can purchase them online. While you are shopping for blankets, pillows and a mattress, look for a style and color that matches your crib. Just place the mattress down first, then the blankets and pillow, and lastly lay your reborn doll down. You can also cover them up with a blanket if you desire.

Now comes the decision on where to place your reborn doll crib. Hopefully, you have a nursery dedicated to your hobby, as this creates the perfect area for safely storing, displaying and playing with your reborns. In the event that you don't have a nursery, you can still place their crib in a bedroom. Just remember to keep your crib and dolls out of the attic where high levels of humidity can damage them.


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  1. Janet says:

    A carry cot or Moses basket is a good alternative if you are short on space and on a linited budget. Charity shops are a great source of accessories and clothing as items can be purchased for a fraction of original costs. Hand knit an heir loom blanket.

  2. Sammy Louis says:

    I dont have a space for my reborn can i make a cardboard crib? PS. Im adopting a reborn when i have the money.Im planning on getting an ashton drake named Jacob. I don’t like the name Jacob so Im naming him Ted.Ted is 18 inches. Ted is a red head. Im a brunette.

  3. Haley says:

    Madison You can actually look on craiglist or something or community yard sales!! you can find one cheaper than a new one doing it that way! unless you wanna pay full frice for a new one !! i have a used baby crib only paid 20$ for !!! and it was used and works perfectly great !!

  4. Madison says:

    Hello,Im looking for a reborn crib that is at least 21″ wide 2ft tall.Can you help me find one? I might be getting a reborn for christmas so I wanna be prepared!

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