How To Create Fake Milk Bottles For Your Reborn Doll

Reborn Milk Bottle

Reborn Milk Bottle

Ever wish you could accessorize your reborn doll with a milk bottle but don't want to risk it spilling and ruining your doll? Some collectors and artists simply place bottles filled with actual formula in their reborn's crib or nursery; however, this isn't recommended. If the milk spills (which is bound to happen), you run the risk of damaging your reborn doll or their clothing. Besides, real milk begins to spoil in just hours of being left out. A smarter approach is to create a fake milk bottle using ingredients other than your traditional milk or formula.

When it's made correctly, no one will be able to tell that your reborn doll has a fake milk bottle instead of a real one. This is just one more element that adds to your doll's overall realism, which is the ultimate goal for most collectors and artists. Of course, you'll need to carefully create the fake milk using the correct technique to achieve a realistic look. Simply filling up a bottle with some white-colored beverage isn't going to work.

Note: If you don't want to spend the time to make a fake milk bottle, you can choose to purchase one that's already made. There are a number of individuals and stores that sell fake milk bottles on eBay. Personally, though, I prefer creating my own because of the freedom and creativity it allows.

Supplies Needed For Making a Fake Milk Bottle

The first step for making a fake milk bottle is gather all of the necessary supplies. There are several different ways to make a fake milk bottle, all of which require different supplies. The method I'm going to reveal here is arguably one of the easiest ways to make one. It's simple enough so that anyone can successfully create one, which is why I recommend it. As you become more familiar with the process, you can adjust and modify it to better suit your needs.

Gather the following supplies for a fake milk bottle:

  • Desired clear baby bottle of your choice (Playtex makes some pretty good bottles).
  • Superglue or similar extra-hold glue.
  • Bottle of Elmer's Glue.
  • Bottle of distilled water.
  • About 10 minutes of your free time.
Elmer's Glue

Elmer's Glue

Creating the "Fake Milk"

You might be surprised to learn that most of the milk used in movies and films isn't milk at all, but instead it's a mixture of basic glue and water. It sounds like a yucky combination (it kinda is), but it's pretty easy to create and looks practically identical to real milk. Watered down glue is snow white in color, bubbles when shaken, and it sticks to the sides of a bottle or cup like real milk does. All of these characteristics transform the glue into a realistic milk substitute for your reborn's bottles.

To create the fake milk, start by boiling a small pot of water over the stove. After allowing it to boil for a few minutes, add in one container of basic Elmer's Glue and continue stirring until it's thoroughly dissolved. I recommend using a paint stirrer to mix the water and glue around, as you probably don't want to get any glue on your favorite cooking spatula or wooden spoon.

If the consistency of your solution isn't identical to milk, you may need to add some more glue or water. A liquidy solution will require more glue, while a thick solution requires more water. Make the necessary adjustments by adding the ingredients to achieve a consistency similar to real milk. You can also pour a glass of milk in a cup and place it next to your solution for a more accurate comparison.

Reborn Doll Bottle

Reborn Doll Bottle

Preparing The Milk Bottle

Now that you have the fake milk made, it's time to prepare the bottle. Before pouring it from the pot into the bottle, though, you'll first need to make sure it's properly sealed; otherwise, some of the fake milk solution might leak out and onto your doll.

If your baby bottle has a traditional nipple tip, you'll need to seal it off with a tiny amount of super glue. Simply place a couple drops of super glue on the inside of the nipple and wait for it to dry. This will keep the fake milk inside the bottle so it doesn't come out when the bottle is turned upside down.

With the nipple sealed and secured, go ahead and fill it up about 2/3 of the way full using the fake milk. If you happen to spill any on the outside of the bottle, clean it off with some paper towels.

Next, unscrew the top off your baby bottle and look for the circular sealing ring. For added level of protection, it's recommended that you place a small amount of superglue around this circular sealing ring before attaching the top to your bottle. After applying the glue, quickly screw the top and nipple back onto the bottle and wait for it to dry. When it's done drying, shake the bottle around to ensure none of the fake milk is leaking out.

Enjoy Your New Fake Milk Bottle!

Congratulations, you've now made your own fake milk bottle! You can use these as neat little accessories in cribs, strollers, nurseries, or anywhere you choose to display your reborn doll. It's a relatively simple accessory that's perfect to use with reborn dolls. In fact, you'll likely get compliments from other artists and collectors who see your fake milk bottle (I know I do).

If you have any questions on how to make a fake milk bottle, shoot us an email or drop a comment below. The process is pretty straightforward, but some people may run into issues when making the mixture of fake milk.

42 Responses to “How To Create Fake Milk Bottles For Your Reborn Doll”

  1. Amie D Robbins says:

    Do you have to use distill water?

  2. Madelyn Souder says:

    I have two reborns and hoping for my third for Christmas. I am ten years old and hoping to try your recipe for fake milk thanks!

  3. Driscella says:

    What is good to seal the nipple?

  4. Lily says:

    How long does the milk last for?

  5. Maggie Jones says:

    Don’t use real milk, it will spoil.

  6. Chyiane says:

    I use lotion and water and works fine 😁

  7. Rebornmom says:

    Try lotion or markers (mostly juice unless you have a white marker)

    • Kimberly says:

      I made great long lasting fake milk by using

      distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water
      lotion (avon moisture therapy)
      2 drops vanilla extract (for vanilla scent)

      in a bottle with an hole-less nipple.

      It’s been months and no rotting or bacteria. Most lotions have preservatives to keep them from going bad.

      I just shake and it looks brand new again. I am sure it will last a year or two.

      Need other tips I am at Snuggle Babies Nursery.

  8. Ciara says:

    Don’t use the lotion because if you don’t shake it up every once and a while it will have clumps.

  9. mrs a paker says:

    When making fake milk, the best thing I found is a natural white fabric conditioner. Mix in one or two drops of orange food color and hey presto you have a very realistic looking new born baby milk. Hope this helps!

  10. Mnm says:

    I can’t use elmers glue

  11. Jey says:

    How long does the mix last?

  12. Barcokeba-May says:

    Never ever put your reborn doll in water unless it is a silicone doll without a crease at the neck,arms,and legs!I hope this was helpful!


  13. Kate says:

    Do you have to boil the water?

  14. Lily says:

    I have used fabric softener and water in the past and it has worked very well. It smells good, too, which is nice. It does settle after a while if you let it sit too long though. For sealing off the nipple of the bottle I used guac that my dad had left over from his kitchen (which also works well).

    Hope this helped ;0)

  15. Barcokeba-May says:

    I have tried so many different things to seal my bottles and none of them worked so I am hoping super glue will work and I love the glue formula!By the way you don’t have to boil the water you can just shake the water and glue in your bottle.I hope this helped you!:)


  16. Evie F says:

    I’m getting mine for christmas too, My first one.I’ve already spent 40 pounds on the clothes. NOT joking. I went over board because its christmas! I’ve also spent 15 pounds on blankets and My mum bought me bottles etc.
    I’m getting everything else asap!
    This has helped so so much tyssm.

    • Donna Marie says:

      I’m hoping to get mine for chrisrmas too. I went to a thrift store and bought a baby girl bassinet, a couple of blankets, onsies, and pajamas. I then went to a family dollar store and spent like 25 dollars on real baby clothes and a thick blanket. Tonight I went and got 2 packages of newborn diapers, was on sale 2 for 12 dollars. Over the weekend I will go Xmas shopping g and get a few more things for her. I can’t wait to get mine. I’m so excited… I keep looking for new babies to get but for now the girl I am getting is beautiful. I also have an 11 inch baby boy. But I think that’s just for a collection. I thought about giving him to my granddaughter for Xmas, but he has all him parts and she wouldn’t understand. Oh well, I’m addicted…

  17. Shanna :) says:

    Im getting my first reborn for Christmas!!! Im only 13 but im gonna take EXCELLENT care of my baby!!!! this recipe worked amazing since im already just soooooo excited for her arrival so im trying out different things to do for her!!!! Thxx Guys!!!

  18. Shelby :) says:

    Is it safe to use water, lotion, baby powder, and a drop of milk?

  19. can says:

    i make my milk using water and fabric softener

  20. I find using white fabric softener works well and some times you can make pretend juice from water and different food colouring. Thanx for publishing this article it really works. 🙂

  21. Celine says:

    Don’t use paint and water. EVER!!! It ruins the bottle.

  22. Sammy Louis says:

    When I get my reborn I’m gonna use paint and water.

    • Samari says:

      i wouldn’t use that because it can ruin your reborn and damage the bottle just try lotion that you don’t use anymore and water and vanilla extract, the vanilla extract is optional. or you can use real formula. or lastly you can use lotion, water and a little bit of coffee to get the tint or yellowish and brownish color that you need.

  23. Laura Garn says:

    Thank you for the site I just wondered how much water to you exactly I know I might need to add more later but that way I know how much water to start with per bottle of Elmer’s glue and I find that silicon that’s clear and 3 times rain proof of course water proof to seal of the nipples it woks wonderfully!! Thank you again Laura

  24. Cali says:

    The glue settles after a while and you have to scrub the bottom of the bottle recall hard

  25. Rhyan says:

    SO awesome
    I tried making one right BEFORE reading this and I used water and flour. It worked but it somehow didn’t look right.

  26. Trinster says:

    Guys, you can try detergent and water!!! Make sure the color is white!!!

  27. Kamryn says:

    I do not make my milk like that I use water flour oats brown sugar try that

  28. Yvonne Hughes says:

    They are gorgeous and saved my sanity after losing a daughter.

    • Ken'Janae says:

      I’m 12 and my mom bought me a reborn last Christmas. I absoulutly adore it and have been searching for ways to improve my milk look. I’ve been using sunscreen but the color is just not good. After reading this I happened to scroll and see what happened to you. I’m so very sorry and may the lord be with you

  29. brittney says:

    great idea but i use coco butter lotion and water its cheap and it works.just wanted to let you know : )

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