Donating Your Reborn Dolls For a Good Cause

Donate Heart

Donate Heart

Have you thought about donating some of your reborn dolls to help others? Once you have some experience with reborning under your belt, chances are you'll find yourself in possession of more reborn dolls than you know what to do with. Instead of letting them sit in your reborn nursery room, you can give them away for a good cause. It's a simple and easy way to pass the joys of the hobby along to those less fortunate. If this sounds like something you are interested in doing, keep reading and we'll reveal where and how to go about donating some of your reborns.

Contrary to what some people may believe, you don't need to give away a dozen or more of your reborn dolls to make a difference. While I'm sure there are donation centers and places who would take this many, you can still make a positive impact with just one or two dolls. If you are a reborn artist, try designating some of your "in-work" dolls for future donations. This will make it easier for you to part with later, and it will give you something to strive for as you work on them each day.

Why you should donate some of you reborn dolls:

  • Gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you are helping others.
  • Reborn dolls are proven to make people happier.
  • You can receive tax credits for reborn doll donations here in the US.
  • Spread the word about reborning, making the hobby even more popular.
  • Oh yeah, did I mention you get a tax credit for donations?
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Where NOT To Donate Your Reborn Dolls

To make the most impact with your reborn doll donations, it's imperative that you avoid some common mistakes, one of which is donating to the wrong centers. Because reborn dolls are such a unique, one-of-a-kind item, you'll need to choose an appropriate donation; otherwise, your dolls will just get picked up by someone looking for a regular ol' doll.

Goodwill is arguably the single most widely known donation center in the country. They are a non-profit organization with a focus on providing job training, placement, education and more for people in need. Goodwill is funded by a network of thrift stores where people can donate products and items they no longer want or need. Once donated, these items are then placed for sale in the store, which is how they generate revenue.

At first glance, some people probably wouldn't think twice about donating their reborn dolls to a place like Goodwill, but there are a couple problems in doing so. The biggest issue with donating reborn dolls at Goodwill is the fact that most people don't know how to properly price them. As a result, an employee might price it the same as a traditional toy doll without realizing its true value. Instead of your doll generating several hundred dolls for the charitable organization, it may only generate $20 or $30 bucks, which is kind of depressing considering how much time and energy goes into making a reborn doll.

Donation Option #1 -Nursing Homes

A better place to donate some of your reborn dolls is to a local nursing home in your area. Here, they can be given to female patients suffering from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. In a previous article on our site, we talked about the potential benefits of using reborn dolls as a therapeutic treatment option for patients suffering from dementia. In short, there's an instinctual calming reaction that occurs once you place a lifelike reborn doll in the hands of a female patient. Some people believe it brings them back to happy thoughts of motherhood, while others believe it's the realistic expressions of reborns. For whatever the reason, we now know that reborn dolls are an effective way to help calm and alleviate some of the aggression caused by dementia.

If you are interested in donating one or more of your reborn dolls, start by calling some of the nursing homes in your area to see if they are interested in your dolls. Let them know you are a doll artists who's looking to donate some of your creations to various nursing homes, and that you want to know if they would be willing to use them as a form of therapy. You might be surprised at just how many nursing homes already use reborn dolls as an integral part of their therapy sessions.

Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital

Donation Option #2 - Children's Hospitals

Another option available is to donate your reborn dolls to a children's hospital. There are hundreds of wonderful hospital organizations throughout the country that specialize in medical services and treatment for children. Giving up some of your reborn dolls will allow some of the less-fortunate children in this world to enjoy them, and that's something you can't put a price on.

The process for finding a children's hospital to donate your reborn dolls to is pretty much the same as locating a nursing home. Just pick up the phone and do some cold calling to ones in your area. Once you get someone on the phone, ask them if they are interested in some of your uniquely-realistic dolls to hand out to some of their patients. They might not know what a reborn doll is, so just tell them that your dolls are ultra realistic.

Donation Option #2 - Charity Auction

A third option available is to sell your reborn doll through a charity auction, allowing all (or some) of the revenue made to go towards a cause of your choosing. Although you aren't technically donating your reborn doll, you are donating the money earned from the sale. If you want to take this route, it's recommended that you use eBay's charity auction platform, as this will most likely maximize the amount of money you generate.

Most artists sell their dolls on eBay simply to turn a profit, but they also have a charity platform available. The eBay Giving Works Charity program was originally launched back in 2003, and since then it's raised over $200 million. Basically, you will list your reborn doll along with a picture, description, category, etc. (like you would a normal auction), but you can then select the option to donate 10-100% of the proceeds to a charity of your choosing. After the sale is made, you will have a donation receipt send to your email.

21 Responses to “Donating Your Reborn Dolls For a Good Cause”

  1. Cheryl Nelson says:

    I would love one for my daughter to have a reborn doll,shes 19 and recently her little girl miracle passed away 6 hrs after birth,we’re both not well off and I think a doll could help her grieve a little easier.Im in the U.k I wonder if anyone would be so kind to help me help her.Im willing to donate something towards the doll if anyone is able to help.

  2. Cynthia Pierce says:

    i probably have over 100 dolls i’ve collected over the years for my little girl i never had. i was blessed with a boy now 43 years and has told me he does not want them.

    if i can be of help and allow some little girl the happiness of having a doll, please let me know. i will need to know what type of
    doll she would like as i have handmade ones, plastic ones and porcelain ones and of many brands and types such as wedding dolls, corn silk dolls, mattel dolls, disney dolls and tons more!

    i am a retired person on limited income but would be happy to add a little joy into a little girl’s life, or someone who would be helped by doll therapy. please let me know.

    • kymmery marsh says:

      My name is kymmery I lost my son shortly after birth, then when I married the man of my dreams we where told (I at 23 and my husband at 21) will not be able to have children of our own and being he is handicapped we can’t adopt! We are low income and these dolls have literally saved my life I would love to own one!

  3. Eva says:

    I am a therapist who has a client who has expressed interest in a reborn doll. She is 42 years old with Cerebral Palsy and confined to a wheel chair. In her twenties, she was pregnant two different times but the babies did not make it to term. She states she feels like being able to care for and nurture a baby (i.e, doll) would help her to heal from her past losses and her current depression. If anyone is willing to donate a doll or has any information where I could obtain a doll for her at a very low cost, she and I would both be grateful. Thank you for your time.

    • Devon says:

      Are you in the US?

    • Olive Tree Nursery says:

      Hello! I’m not sure if you’re still looking for a reborn artist, but if you are, please get in touch with me at Olive Tree Nursery. I can at the very least discuss your options, whether you go with me or look elsewhere. I just hope to be of whatever help I can be.

    • Cynthia Pierce says:

      is your client still in need of a doll? i do not believe i have any ‘baby’ dolls, and sometimes you can pick a Barbie up for $5, if that would work for her. my dolls are of many kinds and not lifelike but if i can help, please let me know.

  4. Libby diamond says:

    I have PTSD and depression, always wanted a baby but was told medically it wouldn’t happen. I got a miracle then 12 weeks in there were complications and I had to be induced. I was already ill and now I’m grieving and looking for something to fill that void, that Empty feeling I left the Hospital with

    • Shannon says:


      I am sorry to hear of your loss. Did you serve overseas? I would like to hear more of your situation.

      Thank you,

  5. Rachel says:

    I am a mother of a beautiful 14 year old boy I have had 10 pregnancies and can not try again my son was 3 months early and my last pregnancy almost killed me I got 3 infections in my uterus and almost died I have been looking at reborns to ease my grief and can’t afford one of ably one could help me with a free reborn that would help me tremendously please let me know if anyone can help me thank you so much Rachel.

  6. Karen Sutherland says:

    My name is Karen last November my father past away I took care of him and my mother for two years, watching someone you love suffer.for so long is the hardest thing the day they were closing the casket my 6 year old granddaughter walked up to the front of the room and handed my mother her reborn doll and told here mawmaw I want you to have this since you don’t have pawpaw it took mom’s mind off the closing of the casket mom is 70 years old and in bad health on hospice she was married to my dad from the age of 13, she recently told me that we had no idea how much that doll helped her it sleeps with her every night my granddaughter had that doll only a few months she loved that doll took it every were with her now its her.birthday and we are looking for her a special doll I volunteered at a wedding for the lady that was selling that doll I also paid 100.00 on it my daughter and halfwf it

    • Cynthia Pierce says:

      what type of doll was it? what kind of doll would your daughter like? how old is she?
      please let me know if i can help out! i have plenty!

  7. Lauren Mokshefski says:

    I am a 31 yr old woman and I recently found out I cannot have children and I was devastated. I found out about reborn babies and have been watching a lot of reborn baby videos on youtube and looking into adoption. I just simply can’t afford it on my budget. If anyone would donate an old doll even one that needs repair or anything I would be so grateful.

  8. Eileen Brown says:

    Hi my name is Eileen and I have always wanted a reborn doll.I have never had enough money for one though

  9. Sebrina Holloman says:

    Hello this is Sebrina I would like to donate a reborn baby

  10. Erica Brown says:

    Hi my name is Erica, I am 27, divorcé with three children. I want to have another one but I can’t afford too.. I will love to get a reborn baby! Please contact me if this is possible! Thank you so much

  11. bretta says:

    i was wondering how i would go about getting a reborn baby for my grandma shes really sick and always sad i know this is something shes been wanting and think it would help but theres no way i can afford one , please help

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